Hello The Enclave Torrance!

The Enclave Torrance is a hot new spot in the South Bay that has variety of different restaurants catering to every foodie! They recently had some grand openings of a few select restaurants and I am already in LOVE with this spot. I am quite The Enclave fan now ☺️ and excited to share with you all my Hello Foodie Jenn adventures here.

HiroNori Craft Ramen

I wrote about HiroNori Craft Ramen in a previous blog post. This was the very first place that had me falling in love with The Enclave. HiroNori Craft Ramen makes their own stock, sauce and noodles. The Tonkatsu ramen with their pork bone broth is so delicious!

123 Pho

123 Pho

Known for their noodles; 123 Pho offers pho soups with choice of thin and thick noodles and choice of three different types of protein. I really enjoyed their pho with thick noodles, brisket, meatballs and chicken. Their appetizers such as their bao buns are also a perfect pair with their pho!

The Nook Coffee Bar

I was definitely excited to see a coffee spot at The Enclave! The Nook Coffee Bar offers up some delicious espresso, chai lattes, cold brew, teas and lemonades. My new coffee favorite is their Island Matcha which has coconut and macadamia syrup + oat milk.

The grand openings of HiroNori Craft Ramen, 123 Pho and The Nook Coffee Bar are just the beginning for The Enclave! Coming soon are Lea Jane’s Hot Chicken, Boba Break Tea House, Faka’s Island Grill, Berry Brand, Limone Mediterranean and Chef Mike’s Steakhouse. Yum! I am definitely looking forward to the opening of these eateries! The Enclave truly is the new foodie destination in the South Bay!

For more smiles; please check out my Yelp review on The Enclave Torrance!


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