Hello Oncle’s Cake Shop!

I have a coffee and cake crush! It’s no secret that I love cute coffee shops. What happens however when I find a coffee and cake shop; well let’s just say I am over the moon! Oncle’s Cake Shop that recently opened up in Gardena, California is a coffee and cake shop! This supercute shop specializes in Korean Tiramisu and Pudding cake that is perfectly paired with their signature specialty coffees.

Oncle Cafe’s menu has delightful offerings such as Strawberry Tiramisu, Blueberry Tiramisu, Mugwort pudding cake, Injeolmi Tiramisu, Banana Pudding Cake and Black Sesame Pudding Cake. Each of their puddings and cakes are served in a cup; making it the perfect size for a sweet treat’

I chose to get the Black Sesame Pudding Cake. The Black Sesame Pudding was topped off with an Oreo and some mochi. I frankly enjoyed this treat. Black Sesame Pudding Cake has a wonderful nutty flavor. The pudding was so smooth and practically melted in the mouth.

Alongside the cakes here; are several coffee offerings. They have drip coffee, iced coffee, cold brew and specialty drinks such as their Mont Blanc. They also do cute latte art here. It is definitely the ultimate coffee lover’s dream shop. Coffee and cake? Yes, please!

Cute cakes! Cute coffee art! Cute shop! I love this place!

For more smiles; please check out my Yelp review on Oncle’s Cake Shop.


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