Hello The Nook Coffee Bar Torrance!

Nook- noun: a secluded or sheltered place

The Nook Coffee Bar that recently opened up at The Enclave Torrance is definitely my type of sheltered place. I love it’s minimalistic vibe. It’s relaxing spot that is perfect for good coffee and good conversation!

This is one of two current Nook Bar locations. Their very first location is at The Lab Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa. This second location is perfect at the new The Enclave. At The Enclave there are so many cool spots to enjoy coffee! One can relax and sip their favorite latte right in front of a warm fire pit or enjoy an iced cold brew while sitting at a large swing or simply hangout at inside the cool Nook Coffee Bar.

The Nook Coffee Bar menu has something for everyone. They have classic espresso favorites like Americanos, Cortados and Cocoa. They have teas, cold brews and lemonades. They have signature drinks such as their Honey Oat Latte and Spanish Latte. Last but not least they have Chai Lattes in a variety of flavors.

My favorite drink here is their Island Matcha. This delightful drink has coconut, Macadamia syrup and oat milk. It’s even vegan!

Great coffee! Great spot! I am excited to have The Nook Coffee Bar open up at The Enclave Torrance!

For more smiles please check out my Yelp review on The Nook Coffee Bar Torrance!


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