Hello Foodie Jenn Year in Review 2022!


“There are magical moments in every day we just have to take the time to see them.”

I posted the above quote in one my recent Instagram posts and I thought it was very meaningful and special. I also thought it would be perfect for my last Hello Foodie Jenn blog post this 2022. The year is quickly coming to a close and 2022 has had it’s ups and downs just like any year. I am thankful for each and every experience …each and every magical moment.

For my last blog post of the year, I share with you some of the places I have truly found magical this year.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Dumplings 2022!

I love dumplings and and this year I found a new go-to dumpling spot in the South Bay.

Dan Modern Chinese (blog post: March 2022)

Dan Modern Chinese opened up at the new revamped Manhattan Village and I instantly became a fan. For their dumpling offerings they have Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) and Handmade Dumplings. Dumplings can come either Pan Fried, Steamed and Crispy. One of my favorite styles is the crispy because I love the thin crispy layer.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Fried Chicken 2022!

No need to go to Nashville to find good fried chicken; because I found some chicken that’s just like good old Nashville chicken but in the South Bay.

Hanky’s Hot Chicken (blog post: March 2022)

Hanky’s Hot Chicken was definitely a hot grand opening this year. From breakfast burritos to chicken and waffles; they had something for every fried chicken fan. My favorite is their Fried Classic sandwich. One can’t go wrong with this sandwich that has a buttery brioche bun on the outside and chicken breast smothered with mayo and layered with lettuce on the inside.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Indian Food 2022!

Indian cuisine is one of my all time favorite types of food and am so thankful for dineLA this year that led me to one of Redondo Beach’s best Indian restaurants.

Copper Pot Indian Grill and Cafe (blog post: April 2022)

Offering Indian dishes inspired by North and South India; Copper Pot Indian Grill and Cafe is a true gem. Their Chicken Tikka Masala won me over instantly. The Chicken Tikka Masala has an abundance of flavor. This dish’s marinated chicken pieces smothered in buttery, creamy sauce practically melted in my mouth.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Japanese Rolls 2022!

We maybe rollin’ into a new year but I will never forget some fantastic Japanese rolls I had this 2022.

Kozo Sushi Japanese Sushi Kitchen (blog post: May 2022)

Offering 5 different signature sushi, 6 soy rolls and 24 different signature rolls; it’s hard not to have Kozo Sushi Japanese Sushi Kitchen roll straight into my favorite lists of restaurants this year. Their Tempura California Roll is a true winner. It’s so crispy and tasty. It is perfectly paired with Kanikama, Avocado, Cucumber and Sesame Sauce.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Ramen 2022!

From sushi to ramen; I am true fan of Japanese cuisine. One can argue I am a ramen connoisseur. This year I found a place that offers the best vegan ramen!

Kotsu Ramen (blog post: August 2022)

Vegan or non-vegan; one is sure to love Kotsu Ramen. Their ramen bowls are full of flavor and one can mix and match to cater to what you want. Don’t judge me but I actually got a vegan Tonyu ramen with pork belly. I can tell you now that I’ve gotten this mix and match ramen bowl a few times and it is one of the best ramen bowls; I have ever had!

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Pho 2022!

From ramen to pho; I sure do love my soup. This year I also found a new pho spot that won me over.

Soup Shop (blog post: November 2022)

Pho is perfect for chilly days and at the new Soup Shop in Gardena; they have soup that is perfectly warm and filling for those cold days. My favorite here is their Pho Ribeye! They are super generous with thinly sliced, tender ribeye in a big giant hearty bowl of pho.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Hot Pot 2022!

The soup love continued on this year with some tasty hot pot. I can never say no to hot pot. A new hot spot for hot pot in Redondo Beach was one of my favorite discoveries this year.

Rolling Skies Kitchen (blog post: October 2022)

Rolling Skies Kitchen just opened up this year in Redondo Beach. Thanks to this new restaurant I finally got try out Malatang hot pot; a popular spicy hot pot in China. Their version of Malatang is a must try. You can even customize your own Malatang Hot Pot. I chose to get the Classic Bone Broth Malatang Hot Pot with chicken, beef and quail eggs.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Korean Spot 2022!

I love discovering new food and this year with the grand opening of Hannam Chain Del Amo; I was able to try out some exciting and delicious food I have never tried before.

Kyodong Noodle (blog post: August 2022)

Kyodong Noodle offers authentic Korean dishes such as Woolpong (White Seafood Noodle Soup) and Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noodle). My new favorite is their Jjajangmyun. I love the Korean like spaghetti with sweet and savory black bean sauce.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Croissants 2022!

I started off the year writing about my “croissant crush” and I am so happy to say I have found another place offering some more delicious croissants

Paris Baguette (blog post: August 2022)

Paris Baguette also opened up at the new Hannam Chain Del Amo. Their almond croissants are huge and flaky buttery with and loads of almonds. It’s my new “croissant crush!”

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Dim Sum 2022!

Getting dim sum is one of my all time favorite food outings and thus I was super excited to have a new dim sum spot open up in Torrance.

Lunasia (blog post: October 2022)

Lunasia had their grand opening in the South Bay this 2022 and I love their abundant menu consisting of steamed dim sum, baked and fried dim sum and various Cantonese entrees (soup, noodles, fried rice, meat dishes). It’s hard to pick what is my favorite item from their menu. If I had to pick though; I would definitely recommend their Macao Style Egg Tarts. These tarts have the perfect flaky crust and a silky smooth custard filling.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Filipino Food 2022!

Filipino pride! “Buy me lumpia and let’s be friends!” I’m excited to have found a place that serves some of the tastiest lumpia in town!

Cavitena (blog post: August 2022)

Cavitena in Lomita, California opened up a new spot and a larger one at that this 2022. The new dine in restaurant has quickly become a South Bay favorite and for good reason. I highly recommend their breakfast entrees and my personal go to is the lumpiasilog which comes with twelve lumpia, two eggs and garlic fried rice.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Coffee House 2022!

It’s no secret that I love cute coffee houses. This year a certain Filipino owned cute coffee spot won my heart!

Corridor Flow (blog post: October 2022)

Corridor Flow is a Filipino owned coffee cafe in Lomita, California. They offer some of the best ube lattes in town and I always get a cup of that along with my favorite Chicken Salad Croissant. Their chicken salad croissant is the best and oh so fulfilling. The Chicken Salad Croissant has cranberries, walnuts and celery and is topped with organic arugula and is drizzled with lemon oil. Can we say “masarap?”

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Cupcakes 2022!

A happy day is a sweet day! This year life in the South Bay got a little sweeter with some Sprinkles!

Sprinkles Cupcakes (blog post October 2022)

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up their first full fledged shop in the South Bay this year with their location at Manhattan Village. All the classic favorites are there but the one that I absolutely love is their red velvet. So moist and sweet; it truly makes my day every time. One awesome thing at this cupcakery is they often have themed cupcakes. I couldn’t help but be “bewitched” over their Halloween inspired Bewitched Red Velvet this year.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Donuts 2022!

Mahalo for a sweet year! I couldn’t write this blog without an ode to some onolicious donuts.

Mochill Mochi Donut (blog post December 2022)

Mochill Mochi Donut said “Aloha” to Mitsuwa Market at Del Amo Fashion Center this year with their grand opening in December. The most ono offering ever is their Mochisadas. I love this version of malasadas and it makes me feel like I am in Hawaii with every bite.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Cookies 2022!

Hello Foodie Jenn turned Cookie Monster hehe!

Crumbl Cookies (Yelp review: May 2022)

Crumbl Cookies opened up in Hawthorne, California this year. I didn’t get to write a separate blog post on this spot but their cookies are excellent. Their cookies can turn anyone into a Cookie Monster because their cookies are not only huge in size but huge in flavor! My favorite is their Pecan Pie. It has lots of pecans and tastes just like a real pie.

Hello Foodie Jenn Best Boba 2022!

I couldn’t end this post without writing about my favorite boba drinks.

Tastea (Yelp review: November 2022)

I also do not have a separate Hello Foodie Jenn blog post about the newly opened Tastea in Torrance. I only have a Yelp review (ahem Yelp duchess of Tastea right here hehe)_ but this place definitely deserves to be in my Hello Foodie Jenn Best 2022 places. I love Tastea! Their boba and teas are on the top of the best drinks I’ve ever had. Freshly made to order and full of fruits and flavor; each drink is so special. Cheers to Tastea!

This 2022 definitely had many foodie magical moments and I am so thankful to have been able to experience so many different cuisines from around the world. In writing this blog post; I realized I actually “traveled” quite a bit just by trying out so many different foods and flavors. Ahh magical indeed. As we wrap up this 2022; I wanted to say thank you and best wishes for the new year! Thank you to you all for following my Hello Foodie Jenn adventures here on my website as well as on instagram.


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