Hello Soup Shop!

With December just around the corner and days getting colder; I am finding myself definitely wanting soup for dinner more. Pho soup is perfect for those chilly days and I may have just found the best pho soup in town!

Soup Shop opened earlier this 2022 in Gardena, California. They have two other locations in Anaheim, California as well as South Gate, California. I’m definitely glad this place is now in the South Bay! Their menu consists of appetizers, fried rice, pho noodle soup, premium rice plates and beverages.

I love starting off a meal here with their tasty appetizers! I love their Crispy Egg Rolls! They are filled with crab, pork, carrot, mushrooms, taro and assorted veggies.

One can’t go here without eating pho! They make an excellent phot soup. Their pho menu is extensive and unique! Each pho has 24 hour slow cooked bone broth and is served with thin rice noodles, white and green onions and cilantro.

I love their Pho Ribeye! It has thinly sliced, tender ribeye and is so delicious!

Another favorite of mine and by others as well is ther Pho Rib Bones! This comes with two very large rib bones that have been simmered for four hours.

Soup Shop is definitely a place to visit for some fantastic egg rolls and pho! I am a fan :).

For more smiles; please check out my Yelp review on Soup Shop Gardena


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