Hello Rolling Skies Kitchen!

Hello Rolling Skies Kitchen!

The “ber” months are in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. This means it’s starting to become sweater weather and I’m definitely craving soups more. I’m so happy to say that I may have just found my new go to spot for hot pot soup via Rolling Skies Kitchen. Located in Redondo Beach; is this new takeout only spot specializing in Malatang Hot Pot.

For those unfamiliar with Malatang; it is a popular street food in China and is known as a spicy hot pot. Here at Rolling Skies Kitchen one can customize their Malatang Hot Pot. They’ve got five different bases (classic bone broth, tangy tomato, spicy red chili, creamy Tom yum and land dried). One can choose their spice level (mild, medium or spicy) and up to 3 proteins (choice of lamb, beef, chicken, pork belly, fish fillet, spam, meatballs, fish balls with roe, fish cake, combo meatballs with imitation crab and quail eggs.) There are also options to add more protein or veggies.

Aside from hot pot; Rolling Skies offers fried rice, noodles, snacks, desserts and handcrafted drinks!

For my first visit here I chose to get the Classic Bone Broth Malatang Hot Pot with chicken, beef and quail eggs. I also got a side of popcorn chicken.

I was super impressed with the Classic Bone Broth Malatang. The hot pot was packed with ingredients and flavor. The meats were tender and the veggies were well cooked. It was so savory and tasty. It’s definitely perfect for chilly nights but I would eat this in any type of weather because it so good!

The Popcorn Chicken was also quite tasty! I loved the popcorn chicken. Tasty batter and tender chicken for the win. My only regret was not getting one of their handcrafted bobas to pair with this snack.

I am a fan of Rolling Skies Kitchen and am excited to see them open up in the South Bay! I definitely want to visit this place again and looking forward to trying the other hot pot soups and other offerings.

Hello Dan Modern Chinese @ Manhattan Village!

Hello Dan Modern Chinese @ Manhattan Village!

Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, California is truly becoming the go-to spot when in the Beach Cities! They’e been adding so many great shops and delicious restaurants in the past year that I’m also so excited to dine and shop. The latest restaurant to open up is Dan Modern Chinese. Dan Modern Chinese has four other locations in Southern California; Pasadena, Playa Vista, Santa Monica and Sawtelle (Go Bruins!). The Manhattan Beach location is their fifth and newest location am I am beyond thrilled to have Dan Modern Chinese in the Beach Cities.

With dumplings, noodles, fried rice and garlic filled veggies; it’s not surprising that I love this place. As a testament to how this place is my new favorite; I’ve already tried their cuisine twice this month.

A must try item on their menu is definitely their dumplings. They’ve got two main types: Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) and Handmade Dumplings. Both are handmade on site. The Xiao Long Bao is their signature dish. It’s steamed and filled with the most heart warming, soothing broth! Choice of fillings include chicken, pork, shrimp, dungeness crab and veggie. The Handmade Dumplings can be either ordered steamed, pan fried or crispy. The crispy version is definitely a treat as it comes with a thin crispy bottom layer! The crispy is not only a fun food item; it’s quite a delicious one too!

To accompany their dumplings; I either get the fried rice or their dan mein. I love fried rice but do have to say their dan mein is on the top of my favorite sides. I love the long, handmade thick noodles, snow pea leaves, garlic sauce along with my choice of protein; short rib.

Another great item here that I love is their Beef Roll. This item is on their small plates section of their menu but is not small in any means. The rolls are packed with oxtail, cucumbers, green onions and cilantro. It’s definitely filling and quite the treat.

Last but not least; the vegetable dishes should not be missed. Often veggies don’t get enough love but I highly recommend to try one or more of their vegetable dishes here. They pack their veggies with lots of flavor and lots of garlic. If you’re a garlic fan; you definitely don’t want the miss vegetables.

Dan Modern Chinese is a welcome addition to Manhattan Beach! It is true beach cities bliss to dine here!

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Hello Fu Sing!

Hello Fu Sing!

They say first love never dies. Whether that is a true statement for folks it can be up for debate but for my foodie heart it is indeed true. I often get asked where my  favorite restaurant is and for many years, it was difficult to answer simply because my favorite of all favorite restaurants, Tin Sing was gone.

Tin Sing was a popular restaurant in Gardena that was established in 1964. It was popular with many folks in the South Bay and one that my family and I would frequent for various family occasions and dinners. I grew up loving their famous entrees such as pork egg rolls, pakkai, and hung  shu wonton.  When they closed in 2004, I, along with many others were devastated. For many years, I simply could not find a place that offered the same quality and delicious Cantonese style food that Tin Sing offered.

Fast forward 2017 and I hear about Fu Sing, a newly opened restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine, in Torrance. My curiosity  turned into pure delight when I learned the owners of Fu Sing are the cousins of the owners of Tin Sing. These cousins trained at Tin Sing while it was still open and thus they knew the recipes of my favorite, beloved Tin Sing dishes.

Upon visiting Fu Sing and glancing at their menu, I found it was indeed true! Many of my favorite Tin Sing dishes from back in the day were there. The memories of times spent with my dad at the old Gardena restaurant instantly flooded my mind and my heart and I was off to ordering some of our family favorites.

The very first thing I ordered here was the Pork Egg rolls.


Tin Sing’s pork egg rolls were simply the best! I never found any egg rolls quite like those until now. Fu Sing does a wonderful job with their pork egg rolls. Just like Tin Sing, the egg roll wrapping was wonderfully crisp and a had a wonderful buttery taste. The filling was packed with flavorful ground pork.

The next dishes I ordered here consisted of two entrees that my family and I would always get; almond duck and hung shu wonton!


Fu Sing once again did a brilliant job in recreating a classic favorite. Their almond duck consists of tender pieces of duck in the most savory sauce. It is topped with loads of crispy almond. This dish is perfect over white rice. The duck simply melts in your mouth.


Hung shu wonton was my second favorite Tin Sing dish as a child. (The first was the egg rolls). It looks to once again become a favorite of mine as an adult, thanks to Fu Sing. I really enjoyed their version consisting of bbq pork, snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots and wontons. The flavor is on point and so are the big, chunky wontons.

Lastly, I order Fu Sing’s Cantonese Style Chow Mein with  shrimp, bbq pork and chicken.


I was actually looking for another Tin Sing noodle dish that I loved; the Beef Mun Yee Mein. Alas, they do not have that at Fu Sing but this noodle dish comes close. It’s not quite braised in sauced like Tin Sing’s Mun Yee Mein but it is still quite packed with flavor thanks to the mix of meat and veggies in it. The noodles also are long, silky and soft.

It is true that Tin Sing will forever have a special place in my heart. Eating there with family holds so many dear memories for me. Tin Sing will always be my first restaurant love. Though Tin Sing is gone however, I am happy to see Fu Sing now open. The newly opened Fu Sing is now making a place in my foodie heart and I am looking forward to new memories with this new place.


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Hello Blue Basil Asian Cuisine!

Hello Blue Basil Asian Cuisine!

It’s a new year and time for new discoveries and new eats! Just right after the holidays, was the grand opening of a new Asian eatery in the South Bay! Located in Torrance, California is the brand new Blue Basil Asian Cuisine!


I am a big fan of Asian eats and was intrigued to find this place offers a gigantic smorgasbord of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai dishes. They also have American and Italian food! Looking at the menu there just seemed to be something for everyone!

I came during lunch time with my mom and we started off our meal with an appetizer via their Vietnamese egg roll.


Six crunchy pieces of Vietnamese egg rolls packed with meat and veggies was presented to us! I loved the wrapping that they used for the crispiness did not go away during the whole meal. It was fresh tasting all throughout. They were also very generous with the filling.

For our main courses, we chose to do their lunch special which is served with seamed rice and a daily soup. The soup of the day was a nice egg flower soup. It was good for a chilly day like today.


The first of our lunch entrees was the Fried Chicken with Basil.


An abundance of flavorful basil leaves was mixed in with tender pieces of chicken and red chiles for a delicious and slightly spicy stir-fry that was perfect on top of white rice.

Our other entree was the Beef with Vermicelli in Satay Sauce.


Tender pieces of beef along with crunchy bell peppers and sweet pineapples were tossed on top of long, soft, silky vermicelli noodles. This noodle dish made for a light and tasty entree.

The deliciousness of this place does not end with their appetizers and entrees because equally impressive is their drink menu that consists of various milk teas, fresh fruit drinks and ice milk drinks. I chose to get a strawberry, pudding and boba ice milk drink.


When my drink came out, I was happily surprised with the large concoction in front of me. The large drink consisted of sweet milk and lots of strawberry, pudding and boba inside. It was a perfect pairing to all the savory dishes we had above.


Blue Basil Asian Cuisine is one nice addition to the South Bay! Offering a variety of Asian dishes, it is one place that every one can enjoy. I know that I will be back here for sure this year.

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Hello Easter Egg-licious lunch at Nice China Cafe!

Hello Easter Egg-licious lunch at Nice China Cafe!

For today’s Easter edition of the Hello Kitty Foodie blog, we have special little tale.

Once upon a time, there was a cute little egg Kitty. She was a bright and happy kitty who always wore a smile and a pink bow in her hair.

One day she met a friend, named Daniel. He was a dear friend and hence his name is Dear Daniel (egg). Similar to kitty he also wore a bow but it was blue bow tie.

On Easter, they had nice lunch at Nice China Cafe. Nice Cafe is a perfect place to celebrate happy days like Easter. Like Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, it’s a small and cute. It is a cozy cafe specializing in cusine from Hong Kong.

Lunch specials at Nice China Cafe include a small hot and sour soup.


There are various different entrees to choose from in the lunch specials from traditional chicken dishes to special Cantonese beef entrees.

For today’s Easter lunch, these two eggs err kitties err kids chose to get the kung pao chicken and the sesame beef.

The kung pao chicken was a mix of chicken, white and green onions, bell pepppers and peanuts. There were lots and lots of peanuts in this dish. Unlike other kung pao dishes, this one was not to spicy.


The sesame beef was sweet dish. The beef was nice and crispy. There were lot of sesame sprinkled on top of the beef.


Both dishes were excellent and full of flavor. This place really specializes in traditonal Cantonese cuisine. No frills, no fusion but simple and cozy cooking. It’s good food that is perfect for a nice little Easter lunch between two little easter (egg) kitties. 😜


Hello Kitty Foodie and Dear Daniel love Nice China Cafe! There food was egg-licious!


Hello New Town in Vancouver Chinatown!

Hello New Town in Vancouver Chinatown!

Named in 2012 by CNN Travel as a”Must Visit restaurant,” I will admit that I found myself a bit intrigued when I spotted this restaurant as I was walking around downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown.


My curiosity was peaked even more when I spotted a “People love us on Yelp sticker” on the window. I decided quickly enough that this was the lunch place to eat at.


For our trip here we chose to get the chinese breakfast which had choices of soup and rice noodle rolls.

One of the choices for the day was the congee. One person in our party got the congee and was presented a nice rice porridge bowl filled with pork and century egg.


I got a vermicelli bowl that was filled with vermicelli noodles and strips of pork. I found the main broth of the soup to have wonton soup flavor. The vermicelli noodles were long, thin and a bit bland in flavor and therefore it was good that the broth itself was flavorful.


On the side we each got a rice roll. My rice roll was filled with beef. This was my favorite dish of all during the visit here. During trips to dim sum, I always like to get rice rolls and so I was thrilled to see that the breakfasts here at New Town included these. I liked the soft beef rice noodle roll dipped into sweet soy sauce. This rice noodle itself made this place truly a “must visit” for me. 🙂


Aside from the these traditional Chinese breakfasts, New Town also offers lighter Chinese breakfast fare via steamed buns and breads. They also have Western style breakfasts for those who like more standard breakfasts. The good food doesn’t stop at breakfast however because there are plenty of lunch and dinner offerings here as well!

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