Hello Easter Egg-licious lunch at Nice China Cafe!

For today’s Easter edition of the Hello Kitty Foodie blog, we have special little tale.

Once upon a time, there was a cute little egg Kitty. She was a bright and happy kitty who always wore a smile and a pink bow in her hair.

One day she met a friend, named Daniel. He was a dear friend and hence his name is Dear Daniel (egg). Similar to kitty he also wore a bow but it was blue bow tie.

On Easter, they had nice lunch at Nice China Cafe. Nice Cafe is a perfect place to celebrate happy days like Easter. Like Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, it’s a small and cute. It is a cozy cafe specializing in cusine from Hong Kong.

Lunch specials at Nice China Cafe include a small hot and sour soup.


There are various different entrees to choose from in the lunch specials from traditional chicken dishes to special Cantonese beef entrees.

For today’s Easter lunch, these two eggs err kitties err kids chose to get the kung pao chicken and the sesame beef.

The kung pao chicken was a mix of chicken, white and green onions, bell pepppers and peanuts. There were lots and lots of peanuts in this dish. Unlike other kung pao dishes, this one was not to spicy.


The sesame beef was sweet dish. The beef was nice and crispy. There were lot of sesame sprinkled on top of the beef.


Both dishes were excellent and full of flavor. This place really specializes in traditonal Cantonese cuisine. No frills, no fusion but simple and cozy cooking. It’s good food that is perfect for a nice little Easter lunch between two little easter (egg) kitties. 😜


Hello Kitty Foodie and Dear Daniel love Nice China Cafe! There food was egg-licious!



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