Hello Birthday Cake Frappuccino!  


Last year Hello Kitty turned 40 and this year Starbucks Frappuccino is turning 20! My oh my both Hello Kitty and Frappuccino don’t look that old. It is a fact that Hello Kitty is (forever) in the 3rd grade but Frappuccino sure has grown up through the years.

It was in the summer of 1995, that Starbucks changed the world of iced coffee forever when it introduced the very first ever Frappuuccino across all of its stores in the United States and Canada. The only two flavors back then were Coffee and Mocha! They created the first frappuccinos from iced double-strength brewed Italian Roast coffee. Shockingly, the very first frappuccinos did not even have whipped cream!

Fast forward 20 years later and the flavors of frappuccono sure have evolved. We now have green tea frappuccinos, caramel ribbon crunch frappuccinos, strawberries and creme frappuccinos and the list goes on and on and on. The top five Frappuccino flavors in the United States are actually Mocha, Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Java Chip, and Double Chocolatey Chip. Deliciously dreamy, there seems to be a flavor for everyone! Now for in honor of Frappuccino’s 20th birthday, Starbucks is offering another flavor to their flavorful line up. It is the limited-time Birthday Cake Frappuccino!

Now I won’t deny it, I am sucker for cutesy drinks and the color pink and this limited offering has Hello Kitty Foodie cute written all over it. The drink is a vanilla bean and hazelnut beverage topped with raspberry-infused whipped cream. (Yeah, yeah they had me with the pink whipped cream on top!)

Here’s the Hello Kitty Foodie verdict on the drink: It is indeed worthy of the birthday cake name not because it necessarily tastes like birthday cake but more because it is uber sweet as your sweetest birthday cake! The taste of sweet vanilla is in there (think white cake base) and the pink whipped cream acts as the sweet frosting of the cake. It is sensationally sweet and a treat but not one for every day drinking more for special occasions like birthdays! 😉 Starbucks is making sure this drink is for specials occiasions too because they are only are offering it up until March 30, 2015! (Hello Kitty Foodie tip: half off frappucinos tommorrrow, March 30, from 2-5pm if you pay with a Starbucks card!)

Happy 20th birthday Frappucino! Hello Kitty Foodie loves that you celebrated with pink! I can’t wait to see what happens when sweet Frappucino turns 21; 🙂 Hmm  how about a Vegas (hot pink) Frappucino? Hehe! 🙂


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