Hello Catalina Kitchen @ Terranea Resort!

It is truly like stepping into a whole new world when entering Terrenea Resort. With it’s breathtaking beautiful views, Terrenea is a wonderful place to simply get away and enjoy life’s beautiful moments.


I was truly blessed with a beautiful day with friends recently at Terrenea and on this day we got try Catalina Kitchen, one of Terrenea’s eight oceanfront dining restaurants. Catalina Kitchen is at the heart of Terrenea resort. Entering the restuarant, I fell in love with the beautiful flooring, the wooden interior and unique lighting. The outdoor patio is equally as beautiful. Stepping outside, one instanly feels the comforting ocean breeze.


Catalina Kitchen menu is an array of delicious Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, American and Meditterenian cusine. I chose to get their pappardelle bolognese. It’s a very savory pasta dish with ricotta salsa, mushrooms, rich tomato sauce and braised beef. I was a fan of the big mushrooms and sprinkls of ricotta salsa on top. It really brought a lot of flavor to the dish. It also had a good ratio of tomatos and braised beef.


Accompanying the pasta dish was red pepper and parmesan cheese. I loved Catalina Kitchen’s presentation of these. They were both in mini pans. It’s such a cute mini representation of the “kitchen” in Catalina Kitchen.


I chose to end my meal with a nice cappucino. It’s no secret I simply have a coffee crush and perhaps I wanted to experience having sips of coffee oceanside and by the fire. Strong at first sip but sweet towards the end, the cappucino was a good way to end a delcious meal.


Dining with friends at Catalina Kitchen was very nice and spending time at Terrenea was so relaxing. It was truly a blissful day. A delicious meal in a gorgeous setting and time with friends, I could not ask for a better day.


It was a beautiful day with my beautiful friends and I am so very thankful.


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp reviews on Terranea Resort and  Catalina Kitchen


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