Hello Lido di Manhattan!

Lido di Manhattan is a place that my friends have frequented through the years. It’s been the perfect place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. With their menu consisting of various delicious appetizers, flat breads, pastas and sandwiches, their beautiful classy indoor setting and their pretty outdoor garden, it is hard not to like this place.


They always start off the meals here with complimentary fresh, warm bread with garlic dip, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. A crispy outer crust and a soft base, the bread is a wonderful starter.


For the entrees, my favorite is their homemade potato gnoochi. It consists of pan fried pesto, roasted tomatoes, carmalized onions garnished with crispy sweet potato. It is perfectly creamy, rich, smooth and oh so savory. The gnocchi has melt in your mouth softness. It is simply divine.


For their drinks, my new favorite consists of their new flavored iced teas. The strawberry lemonade is so refreshing and sweet. Pleasantly fruity, this sweet iced tea matches nicely with their savory pastas.


Best part of all, they served their flavored iced teas with these cute mini carafes for re-fills

Lido di Manhattan is a favorite for my friends and I through the years and for very good reason. From their breads to their pasta, everything is delicious. All our visits here, end with a smile.  For more smiles, please see my Yelp reviews on Lido di Manhattan through the years.


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