Hello Fu Sing!

They say first love never dies. Whether that is a true statement for folks it can be up for debate but for my foodie heart it is indeed true. I often get asked where my  favorite restaurant is and for many years, it was difficult to answer simply because my favorite of all favorite restaurants, Tin Sing was gone.

Tin Sing was a popular restaurant in Gardena that was established in 1964. It was popular with many folks in the South Bay and one that my family and I would frequent for various family occasions and dinners. I grew up loving their famous entrees such as pork egg rolls, pakkai, and hung  shu wonton.  When they closed in 2004, I, along with many others were devastated. For many years, I simply could not find a place that offered the same quality and delicious Cantonese style food that Tin Sing offered.

Fast forward 2017 and I hear about Fu Sing, a newly opened restaurant specializing in Cantonese cuisine, in Torrance. My curiosity  turned into pure delight when I learned the owners of Fu Sing are the cousins of the owners of Tin Sing. These cousins trained at Tin Sing while it was still open and thus they knew the recipes of my favorite, beloved Tin Sing dishes.

Upon visiting Fu Sing and glancing at their menu, I found it was indeed true! Many of my favorite Tin Sing dishes from back in the day were there. The memories of times spent with my dad at the old Gardena restaurant instantly flooded my mind and my heart and I was off to ordering some of our family favorites.

The very first thing I ordered here was the Pork Egg rolls.


Tin Sing’s pork egg rolls were simply the best! I never found any egg rolls quite like those until now. Fu Sing does a wonderful job with their pork egg rolls. Just like Tin Sing, the egg roll wrapping was wonderfully crisp and a had a wonderful buttery taste. The filling was packed with flavorful ground pork.

The next dishes I ordered here consisted of two entrees that my family and I would always get; almond duck and hung shu wonton!


Fu Sing once again did a brilliant job in recreating a classic favorite. Their almond duck consists of tender pieces of duck in the most savory sauce. It is topped with loads of crispy almond. This dish is perfect over white rice. The duck simply melts in your mouth.


Hung shu wonton was my second favorite Tin Sing dish as a child. (The first was the egg rolls). It looks to once again become a favorite of mine as an adult, thanks to Fu Sing. I really enjoyed their version consisting of bbq pork, snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots and wontons. The flavor is on point and so are the big, chunky wontons.

Lastly, I order Fu Sing’s Cantonese Style Chow Mein with  shrimp, bbq pork and chicken.


I was actually looking for another Tin Sing noodle dish that I loved; the Beef Mun Yee Mein. Alas, they do not have that at Fu Sing but this noodle dish comes close. It’s not quite braised in sauced like Tin Sing’s Mun Yee Mein but it is still quite packed with flavor thanks to the mix of meat and veggies in it. The noodles also are long, silky and soft.

It is true that Tin Sing will forever have a special place in my heart. Eating there with family holds so many dear memories for me. Tin Sing will always be my first restaurant love. Though Tin Sing is gone however, I am happy to see Fu Sing now open. The newly opened Fu Sing is now making a place in my foodie heart and I am looking forward to new memories with this new place.


For more smiles, please see my Yelp Review on Fu Sing.


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