Hello New Town in Vancouver Chinatown!

Named in 2012 by CNN Travel as a”Must Visit restaurant,” I will admit that I found myself a bit intrigued when I spotted this restaurant as I was walking around downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown.


My curiosity was peaked even more when I spotted a “People love us on Yelp sticker” on the window. I decided quickly enough that this was the lunch place to eat at.


For our trip here we chose to get the chinese breakfast which had choices of soup and rice noodle rolls.

One of the choices for the day was the congee. One person in our party got the congee and was presented a nice rice porridge bowl filled with pork and century egg.


I got a vermicelli bowl that was filled with vermicelli noodles and strips of pork. I found the main broth of the soup to have wonton soup flavor. The vermicelli noodles were long, thin and a bit bland in flavor and therefore it was good that the broth itself was flavorful.


On the side we each got a rice roll. My rice roll was filled with beef. This was my favorite dish of all during the visit here. During trips to dim sum, I always like to get rice rolls and so I was thrilled to see that the breakfasts here at New Town included these. I liked the soft beef rice noodle roll dipped into sweet soy sauce. This rice noodle itself made this place truly a “must visit” for me. 🙂


Aside from the these traditional Chinese breakfasts, New Town also offers lighter Chinese breakfast fare via steamed buns and breads. They also have Western style breakfasts for those who like more standard breakfasts. The good food doesn’t stop at breakfast however because there are plenty of lunch and dinner offerings here as well!

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on New Town.


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