Hello Rolling Skies Kitchen!

Hello Rolling Skies Kitchen!

The “ber” months are in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. This means it’s starting to become sweater weather and I’m definitely craving soups more. I’m so happy to say that I may have just found my new go to spot for hot pot soup via Rolling Skies Kitchen. Located in Redondo Beach; is this new takeout only spot specializing in Malatang Hot Pot.

For those unfamiliar with Malatang; it is a popular street food in China and is known as a spicy hot pot. Here at Rolling Skies Kitchen one can customize their Malatang Hot Pot. They’ve got five different bases (classic bone broth, tangy tomato, spicy red chili, creamy Tom yum and land dried). One can choose their spice level (mild, medium or spicy) and up to 3 proteins (choice of lamb, beef, chicken, pork belly, fish fillet, spam, meatballs, fish balls with roe, fish cake, combo meatballs with imitation crab and quail eggs.) There are also options to add more protein or veggies.

Aside from hot pot; Rolling Skies offers fried rice, noodles, snacks, desserts and handcrafted drinks!

For my first visit here I chose to get the Classic Bone Broth Malatang Hot Pot with chicken, beef and quail eggs. I also got a side of popcorn chicken.

I was super impressed with the Classic Bone Broth Malatang. The hot pot was packed with ingredients and flavor. The meats were tender and the veggies were well cooked. It was so savory and tasty. It’s definitely perfect for chilly nights but I would eat this in any type of weather because it so good!

The Popcorn Chicken was also quite tasty! I loved the popcorn chicken. Tasty batter and tender chicken for the win. My only regret was not getting one of their handcrafted bobas to pair with this snack.

I am a fan of Rolling Skies Kitchen and am excited to see them open up in the South Bay! I definitely want to visit this place again and looking forward to trying the other hot pot soups and other offerings.

Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Takeout!

Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Takeout!

Today is Easter; a day of prayer, renewal and hope. As we continue to pray for an end to this pandemic; we also continue to move forward as a community. One way to help bring hope to the many restaurants impacted in our communities is via ordering takeout or delivery.

In my next series of blog posts; I wanted to share some of my favorite restaurants that are offering great takeout deals.

One of the top restaurants on my go-to for takeout is Mo-Mo Paradise in Torrance. I first discover Mo-Mo Paradise back in 2017. The restaurant specializing in Japanese hot pot became a favorite of mine. I was not alone in loving this restaurant as there was always a crowd and a wait every single day.

With the pandemic; Mo-Mo Paradise like many other restaurants had to find innovative ways to offer food to their many customers. For the first time ever they launched a new delivery and take-out option.

First to debut on their new delivery and take-out menu were their bowls. For $9.95 customers have the choice of the Beef Shabu Curry Bowl, Beef Sukiyaki Bowl, Pork Tonkotsu Bowl, and Kimchi Pork Bowl. .

Their Beef Shabu Curry bowl is one of my favorites because it consists of their very popular savory curry that is normally part of their AYCE side buffet. For the to-go option they pile on rich curry over layers of thin sliced braised beef, caramelized onions and carrots. It is definitely fulfilling and very tasty!

I also like their Beef Sukiyaki bowl. It is a different take of their Beef Sukiyaki hot pot. Instead of a broth they have a rice bowl topped with thinly sliced beef, gobo, onions, carrots, king oyster mushrooms, napa cabbage, kale, mushroom, tofu ginger, green onions and a egg.

If one is craving for something more similar to their traditional Shabu Shabu menu; Mo-Mo Paradise has that too! They recently added to their delivery and takeout menu; Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki sets.

This Easter Sunday I ordered a shabu shabu set and it made for the perfect Easter feast. Right at the comfort of our home; we were able to cook and enjoy the yummy Japanese hot pot.

Each set is $45 and comes with choice of broth (tonkotsu, kimchi, sukiyaki or shabu shabu), choice of two meats (beef chuck eye roll, short plate or kurubota pork shoulder) choice of two sides (rice, udon or ramen), vegetables, sauces and condiments. One can also add a la carte such as pork meatballs.

Right now Mo-Mo Paradise even has a great deal of giving 10% off your order.

Needless to say all of our lives have turned upside down during this crisis. One of the things that remain constant however is love of family and support of community. Through different takeouts such as what Mo-Mo Paradise has to offer; I am still able to enjoy some of my favorites at home with family and at the same time be able support local eateries.

#SupportLocalBusiness #SaveRestaurants

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Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Torrance!

Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Torrance!

Paradise, as defined by Merriam-Webster is a place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight.

What if I were to tell you that paradise is now in Torrance, California? Perhaps this may sound strange to some but it is true that there is now paradise in Torrance via Mo-Mo-Paradise.


Mo-Mo-Paradise was first established in 1993 in Kabukicho, Japan and now has over 68 restaurants worldwide. They have locations in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the US. The newly opened Torrance location is the second location in the US, with the first being in the US.

The restaurant specializes in Japanese hotpot with a modern twist. Customers have the choice of picking between four different soup bases: Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Tonkatsu, and Kimchi.

  • Shabu Shabu which essentially means “Swish Swish” is a Mo-Mo-Paradise USA original soup base with umami from kombu, celery, onion, carrot, shitake, and other vegetables.
  • Sukiyaki is a sweet and savory soup base that is  be made using select ingredients from Japan. Mo-mo-Paradise’s sukiyaki base is imported directly from their central kitchen in Japan and is combined with a kombu broth. The sukiyaki comes with a pasturized egg that is used for a dipping sauce for the meat.
  • Tonkatsu is a soup base made with pork bone, roasted vegetables, and kombu and it is topped with Mo-Mo-Paradise’s original fried onion and garlic chili oil.
  • Kimchi is a mildly spicy soup made with pork, miso, vegetables, chili, and kombu broth topped with sautéed and fresh kimchi.

From the soup bases, customers can then add udon, ramen, pho noodles, meatballs and a variety of different vegetables from the restaurant’s Farmer’s Market. One of the funnest parts is watching the soup cook right at the table.


Not only are there unlimited noodles, meatballs and vegetables, there is even “Mo-re” to this restaurant via their unlimited beverages at their Drink Garden. One can get Stubborn Soda, Peach Orchard Jasmine Tea, Matcha Tea and  Milk Tea along with boba, red bean and , coffee jelly, lychee jelly.

Aside from the sweet beverages, restaurant go-ers are also can enjoy savory beef curry! This compliments the hot pot very well and one is sure to be in bliss for sure.


It is savory delights that brings this restaurant’s name to reality but the happiness doesn’t end with the hot pot. At the end of the meal, Mo-Mo-Paradise also offers unlimited ice cream. Diners can choose from black cherry, vanilla and chocolate malted crunch! From savory to sweet, one is sure to be in a state of felicity.


 I first started off this blog post with the definition of paradise. The newly opened Mo-Mo-Paradise with its savory hot pots along with it’s unlimited curry, vegetables, noodles and sweet ice cream; can easily be a state of bliss, felicity, or delight for many foodies. This Hello Kitty Foodie was truly delighted and full of smiles.

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Hello O Young’s Rock Pot Gardena!

Hello O Young’s Rock Pot Gardena!

It’s officially Winter and when winter rolls around, it’s time to bring out the jackets and mittens, turn on the heaters and…..eat some hot pot!  The simmering Asian stew is one that brings warmth and comfort to many during the chilly days. It’s always been one of my favorite Winter dishes and thus I was thrilled to find out a new hot pot place opening up in Gardena via O Young’s Rock Pot.

O Young’s Rock Pot is located in the Pacific Square Plaza in Gardena. It is the same place that houses Sea Empress, Toyko Central and Sanrio Surprises ;). O Young’s Rock Pot just opened up this December 2016.

The menu of O Young’s Rock Pot includes appetizers and side dishes such as Homemade Fried Sweet Pumpkin Cake and Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

I really liked the Homemade Fried Sweet Potato Cakes as well as the Fried Sweet Pumpkin Cakes. They come out piping hot. I liked crisp edges and the soft centers. There also is a little dash of sweetness with the addition of powdered sugar on the top.


Their menu also has lunch specials that comes with steamed rice, soup and vegetables.

The soup is a delicious hot egg drop soup with black mushrooms.


They have various lunch specials. For those who like a bit of spice then the kung pao chicken is a nice choice.


Beef lovers will appreciate the hearty beef dish of fried beef with green onion.


The lunch specials are great but the main speciality of the restaurant consists of their rock pots!

For their rock pots, there are fifteen different types.  They have a rock pot for every palate. For seafood lovers, they have a Fish Rock Pot, Crab Rock Pot, Squid Rock Pot, Baby Cuttlefish and Catfish Rock Pot. For veggie fans, there is the Nutritious Mixed Mushroom Rock Pot and Veggie Rock Pot. Meat lovers can enjoy Beef Rock Pot and Beef Short Ribs Rock Pot. There’s also something for the more adventurous in the Bullfrog Rock Pot. Each rock pot comes in your choice of their signature sauce, spicy sauce or curry sauce.

The first rock pot I tried here was their Chicken Rock Pot.


The chicken rock pot comes with choice of boneless chicken or chicken with bone. Along with the chicken is napa, fish cake and wood ear mushroom. The chicken with bone really brings out the flavor of the chicken. This flavor is further enhanced with the various veggies. I really liked the wood ear mushrooms that were mixed in.

The other rock pot that was super pleasing to my palate, was no other than one of their most popular, the Beef Rock Pot.


The beef rock pot is packed with savoriness. The beef comes with beef, napa, beef tendon balls, lobster fish balls and enoki mushrooms. I got this rock pot with the spicy sauce and it gave it a subtle fiery kick.

After the rock pot, the perfect thing to indulge in is O Young’s signature drinks. They have fifteen signature drinks that range from milk drinks to coffee drinks to soda type specialities.

Two of the most popular drinks are their Refreshing Lemon Fizz and the Sparkling Strawberry Milk Drink.


The Refreshing Lemon Fizz is one that I have heard many guys enjoy. This one is very similar to lemonade. It is has a tart flavor to it.

The Sparkling Strawberry Milk Drink is one that the girls like. It is actually my favorite. It is a sweet and very pleasing after a bowl of rock pot!

O Young’s Rock Pot in Gardena is a really nice spot to enjoy some comforting hot pots as well as some delicious drinks. I look forward to coming here to try more of their dishes.

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Hello Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot!

Hello Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot!

Ahh rain, cold early mornings and chilly evenings. It’s all an indication that winter is soon coming our way! Whenever the “ber” months come along, I am always on a lookout for places offering heartwarming soups. Today I found myself at a place perfect for winter! It is the new South Bay spot for hot pot, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.



At Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, they have soup bases prepared with broth that includes slow cooked chicken and beef bone marrow broth and different herbs and spices like garlic and cranberry. Customers get to choose what meats they want as well as add sauces from their sauce bar.

During my trip here, I chose to get the lunch special natural angus short rib. It came with fresh cut noodle, tofu, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables.


From the sauce bar, I got chili oil, garlic, house sesame sauce, green onion, cilantro and sweet garlic sauce.


Cooking hot pot is a lot of fun and quite and experience! The pre-made soup base comes out first and is placed at the tabletop stove. At Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, they say there is 36 different herbs and spices in their soup base. Yum!


As the soup base started to get hot, I dropped in my meat and tofu to the pot! I chose to cook these first because they take the longest to cook.


Next up, to go in the pot was the different veggies and potato.


The last things I added were the cabbage and the noodles.


Soon enough, I was on my way to eating a yummy hot pot. I loved that the broth seasoning! The different herbs and spices really brought out the flavor. Adding in some of the sauces from the sauce bar, enhanced the flavors even more. I liked the whole mix of meat, veggies and noodles! Overall, I was happy with how I got to customize my hot pot, cook it and watch it come together.

It definitely was a very fulfilling meal and I’m happy to have found a new place to bring a little warmth during the cold days that are coming up!

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