Hello homemade wonton noodle soup!


Ingredients: chicken wontons, glass noodles, green onions, chicken broth

Today’s culinary creation is wonton noodle soup. This Saturday is proving to be a bit on the cloudy side and a heartwarming bowl of soup seemed to be the perfect solution.

Making wonton noodle soup is pretty simple. First up for this dish is cooking the glass noodles in boiling water. Once noodles are cooked, these get put to the side.
Next up is preparation of the chicken broth. The chicken broth along with the green onions are placed in the pot.
Once the broth simmers and the green onions are cooked, the wontons are added in.
Once the wontons are cooked, the glass noodles are added backed in.
The wonton noodle soup is best when served warm. It’s a soup that is sure to bring some sunshine to a cloudy day.


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