Hello Kitty Strawberry Surprise!

Hello Kitty Strawberry Surprise!

Along with the recent opening of the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe  last month in Irvine Spectrum, there was another sweet surprise that came our way! Similar to the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe, this surprise was cute, pink and hello kitty happy! That sweet surprise was no other than the launch of the Hello Kitty Strawberry Surprise cookie mix.

Betty Crocker and Sanrio have come together to offer this cute ready-to-bake cookie mix topped with an edible Hello Kitty image.


I recently purchased this cookie mix and had a lot of fun baking with hello kitty!

All that is needed is 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of water and 1 egg. It is so fun watching the cookie mix, oil, water and egg mix together because the dough starts turning pink! Once the dough is ready, the next fun part was shaping the dough and placing the hello kitty edible images on the dough.

After baking for about 12 minutes at 350 F, the result was cutest pink cookies ever!


I was really pleased with how easy it was to make these cookies and I was in heaven with the result. The sweet aroma of these cookies filled my kitchen. Once the cookies were ready to eat, I found them to be very delicious. They were not just plain sugar cookies, the strawberry taste was distinct. It was definitely a strawberry surprise at first bite!

For anyone who loves to bake and a hello kitty fan, these cookies are just for you! Hello Kitty and cookies are the perfect combination. The new cookie mix is currently available at grocery stores and mass retailers throughout the United States.

Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!

Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!


Ingredients: hello kitty noodles, chicken, Vienna sausages, carrots, chicken stock

Brr…it’s cold! What’s perfect for the cold weather? Hot soup! What kinda soup is perfect for Hello Kitty Foodie? Hello Kitty Noodle Soup!

Awhile back, while shopping at a local Japanese market, I spotted a a cute little white box with a picture of a Hello Kitty Chef. Upon closer look, I saw it was a box of Hello Kitty noodles. I knew I had to purchase it for a future happy day.

For today’s cold day it was used it for some hot soup.
Unfortunately there were not many other items to put in this soup so it was a pretty simple one.

Diced Carrots and chopped chicken were sautéed until the chicken was golden brown and the carrots were tender. The chicken broth was added and brought to a boil, followed by the addition of sliced Vienna sausages. The Hello Kitty noodles were the final ingredient to be added and the broth was boiled gently until the noodles softened. Last but not least, the soup was served with a smile 🙂

Hello Homemade Cream of Mushroom Chicken!

Hello Homemade Cream of Mushroom Chicken!

Ingredients: skinned boneless chicken breast, cream or mushroom soup, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms

One of my favorite Filipino restaurants is Nita’s Restaurant in Carson. Recently they added a new dish to their offerings, cream or mushroom chicken. I liked it so much that I tried to recreate it at home.

First up for making this dish is to slice the pieces of chicken breast, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes.

Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in skillet and then add the chicken breast. Heat the chicken until fully cooked.

Add in the cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes.

Let it simmer until the carrots and potatoes are nice and tender.

Add in salt and pepper to taste.


The cream of mushroom chicken is great when topped over white rice. Other options are to place on top of asparagus, pasta or quinoa. I’ve even had it plain with no accompanying side but I feel it is nice to have the cream of mushroom sauce as topping for some sort of side. Whatever way you choose to eat it, I do hope you enjoy and get a smile on your face :).


Hello homemade wonton noodle soup!

Hello homemade wonton noodle soup!


Ingredients: chicken wontons, glass noodles, green onions, chicken broth

Today’s culinary creation is wonton noodle soup. This Saturday is proving to be a bit on the cloudy side and a heartwarming bowl of soup seemed to be the perfect solution.

Making wonton noodle soup is pretty simple. First up for this dish is cooking the glass noodles in boiling water. Once noodles are cooked, these get put to the side.
Next up is preparation of the chicken broth. The chicken broth along with the green onions are placed in the pot.
Once the broth simmers and the green onions are cooked, the wontons are added in.
Once the wontons are cooked, the glass noodles are added backed in.
The wonton noodle soup is best when served warm. It’s a soup that is sure to bring some sunshine to a cloudy day.

Hello homemade dirty rice!

Hello homemade dirty rice!


Ingredients: ground chicken, rice, onion, salt, garlic, bell pepper, paprika

Today’s culinary creation is dirty rice. I’ve always been a fan of Popeye chicken’s dirty rice and so today was an attempt to imitate that side. Instead of using ground beef however, ground chicken was used to make it a healthier version.

To make the rice, combine the onions, salt, garlic, red & green bell pepper, paprika, the ground chicken and rice, stir 1 1/2 cups water, cover & simmer until water is absorbed and rice is tender. The result is homemade dirty rice and a taste of New Orleans right at your home!
You can then pair with your favorite meat. I paired it with rotisserie chicken & added some roasted potatoes!

Hello homemade spicy spaghetti with ground chicken!

Hello homemade spicy spaghetti with ground chicken!


Ingredients: noodles, ground chicken, Filipino banana ketchup

Today’s culinary creation is spicy spaghetti with ground chicken! I love Filipino spaghetti because it always has a slight hint of sweet. The reason for this is because instead of using tomato sauce, banana ketchup is used.

For a healthier spin on this dish, ground chicken was used instead of ground beef!

Also, today’s spaghetti is a bit on the hot side. There’s a spicy zest today due to an addition of a little bit of pepper & spices.

Hello Filipino turon/banana egg rolls!

Hello Filipino turon/banana egg rolls!


Ingredients: sweet banana, nata de coco

Today’s homemade creation is a favorite Filipino dessert of mine: Turon! Turon is Filipino banana egg rolls. There is a special touch in today’s recipe because along with sweet banana, nata de coco was also used. Nata de coco is sweet coconut gel and usually used as toppings for another Filipino dessert, halo-halo (Filipino shaved ice). Since it is too cold for halo-halo, the nata de coco in the house was used for a surprise filling in today’s turon :).

Hello homemade tempura!

Hello homemade tempura!

Ingredients: Mushrooms, sweet potatoes, eggplant

Those were my chosen veggies for the first time try at homemade tempura! Tempura can be expensive at restaurants but I found that making them home is easy and not expensive at all. I love tempura vegetables but after this first try I’ve realized one can make tempura almost out of anything! I want to make banana tempura next! Happy tempura cooking :).