Hello Cho Dang Tofu!

It’s been years since my last trip to Cho Dang Tofu. I found myself here once again when my Yelp friend Jamie picked this place for a dinner out.

Our meal here started our with a small complimentary salad. It comes with the dressing mixed in. It’s a rather simple dish and nothing to heavy.

Soon after the salad is served, the banchan is brought out. The first banchan is the bean sprouts or sookju namul. The bean sprouts were crispy and the seasoning was mild.

Up next was the seaweed sheets or kim. They were thin, salty strips of dried seaweed.

Aside from the seaweed strips, we were also served seaweed salad or wakame. I liked this seaweed salad over the dried version. The seaweed was soft and had a nice hint of sweet.

Kim chee, of course, was present. They had it perfectly spicy


Last but not least was my favorite bancban, spicy cucumber or ol namul. I love the sweet and spicy taste of this banchan.20130526-183853.jpg

Those were the staters of our meal here. For our main meals, we had to choose between their tofu soups or their special dishes. Their special dishes consists of the meat dishes like bulgogi and the bi bim bap. Since I’ve had their tofu soups before and never ever had bi bim bap, I decided to get the bi bim bap. This “mixed dish” had a fair share of veggies (carrots, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts and seaweed). It also had fried egg and sliced beef. The spicy sauce was served on the side. Mixing in all the ingredients was fun! The spicy sauce mixed in with all the veggies and the white rice made for a very good dish. It was like a giant salad with rice :).


I found dinner at Cho Dang Tofu to be as interesting as my very first meal here. It was nice to try this place again after so many years and to share the meal with one of my good Yelp friends. I am also happy to have been able to try for the first time the bi bim bap.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Cho Dang Tofu.


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