Hello Kusina ni Lorraine

Kusina ni Lorraine is my newest Filipino discovery in Vegas. I am always on the lookout for good Filipino cuisine and it looks like through Kusina ni Lorraine, I found a winner.

I knew it was a winner because aside offering food they were also selling “Pinay ako” Hello Kitty stickers.

I knew a place with cute hello kitty stickers had to have good food ;). I soon found this to be correct via their buffet which had quite a selection of Filipino food yumminess!

The first item I spotted here is one of my favorites! They had Filipino BBQ sticks! It was large slices of sweet pork.

They also had another one of my favorites via beef steak. The savory slices of beef and large onion rings were perfect with white rice!

Speaking of rice, they offer other dishes that are great rice toppings! They have kare kare! The tasty peanut butter broth filled with green beans and egg plant is a must with rice.

Equal to the kare kare in broth creaminess is their chicken curry.

Another good item to be eaten with rice is their picadillo. The Filipino ground beef dish with potatoes mixed in with rice is so yummy.

If rice is not your thing, they have two noodle offerings. They had pancit bihon and pancit palabok.


The bihon was vegetarian while the palabok had a tinipa/smoked fish taste.

Other offerings at the buffet were tasty crispy items like chicken skin and pork sisig. Both were fried to golden perfection


Aside from this savory Filipino food, they also offer sweet treats via fruits like grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew. They also had this very good ginataang totong. I am usually not a fan of this dessert but at Kusina ni Lorraine I became a fan :). The sweet rice coconut soup with mung beans was great! It wasn’t too sweet and just right.

Kusina ni Lorriane is the new hot spot for Filipino food in Vegas for this Pinay :).



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