Hello Ichimi-An!

I enjoyed a Friday night dinner with my good college friend and fellow Yelper Mary Ann V at Ichimi-An


I did not know until I was there that Ichimi-An is actually a sister restaurant of the previous restaurants I’ve blogged about before: Inaba and Ichimi Ann Bamboo. Comparing between the three, Ichimi-An falls in between. Ichimi Ann Bamboo is the place with more simple dishes (eat by yourself type of place). I-naba is the restaurant with the fancier meals (go here for a date or special occasion type of place). Ichimi-An is the one with simple but yet more than your average hole in the wall eats (hang out with good friends type of place). It is therefore the perfect place for hanging out with one of my college besties :).

My friend got the assorted tempura combo. It’s a nice combo that comes with salad, miso soup, white rice, sashimi and radish. For $14.95, it is a great deal of fresh and delicious food.


I got the Vegetable Ten Kake (w/Vegetable Tempura). It comes with vegetable fried rice and hot soba. This set is $11.95 and is a perfect for vegetarians.


The vegetable tempura was great! There were a variety of different veggies from green beans to sweet potato. I could tell it was freshly made! You have your choice of matching it with the fried rice or you place it on top of the soba but either way it was hot, crispy and very tasty.


The vegetable fried rice was flavorful! I was happy to see fried rice versus white rice. The fried rice paired nicely with my vegetable tempura. The small bowl size is just right for this set because you will already have a fair share of carbs via the buckwheat noodles in your soba.


The soba was in a large bowl. The bowl was filled with flavorful warm broth and fresh buckwheat noodles. It is the perfect meal for dinner because it’s not too heavy but yet still hearty and fulfilling.


Our meals were complimented with some barley tea. We enjoyed the hot tea a lot. It was so soothing to be drinking this tea. It was nice to be enjoying the meal with this tea and just chit chatting about life and friendship.


Ichimi-An like their sister restaurants was a great food experience for me! I’m glad I got to spend a nice Friday dinner here with my good college friend.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Ichimi-An.


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