Hello Devil & Angel Desserts Manhattan Village!

Are you sweet as devil or sweet as an angel? At the newly Devil & Angel Desserts that opened up at Manhattan Village; you can dare to be sweet and find out ;).

Devil & Angel opened up this past week and they offer a variety of sweet desserts. On the menu one can find mochi donuts, handcrafted soft serves, milk tea, bobas, boba ice cream and croffles Their concept is all about ““Why can’t we combine these desserts together?”. Hmm a combo of devil and angel; why not? 🙂

I was feeling a little devilish and decided to get a lot of treats in honor of their opening day. I got both mochi donuts and boba! Hmm dessert heaven!

I love mochi donuts and was so excited to see quite an amazing line up of flavors. Their heavenly flavors included matcha, cookies and cream and even ube!

Hands down the Ube Sprinkles mochi donut was for sure my favorite. I love the subtle hint of the Filipino flavor in this mochi donut.

I also was quite the fan of their Cookie Monster mochi donut. This donut was so cute and looked just like my favorite Sesame Street character! It even had a little cookie in “Cookie Monster’s” mouth :).

I also am quite the boba fan and could not pass up getting a boba here. I quite enjoy a heavenly taro boba from here.

Devilishly delightful and heavenly taste. This new dessert shop is sure to make you sweet as a devil and angel with love at first bite!

To find out more; please check out my Yelp Review on Devil & Angel Desserts Manhattan Village!


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