Hello Mindi’s Kitchen!


Jia Ba Bue?

Have you eaten?


If not, then why not have a meal at Mindi’s Kitchen. Mindi’s Kitchen is a newly opened Taiwanese restaurant in Torrance, California.  It is located in the same plaza that houses 85 Degrees C and Max Karaoke. (Not a bad location at all because you can get yummy Taiwanese food, then go happily belt out a few tunes next door). 😉

Taiwan was once voted by CNN readers as the best food destination in the world and the city of Taipei is said to have 20 streets dedicated to food. For us folks who aren’t traveling to Taiwan soon however, Mindi’s Kitchen has a nice selection of dishes that will show you what Taiwanese food is all about.

They serve their food here Bento style. The Bentos are served with sides, soup and rice. For the main entrees, they have pork belly (deep-fried or regular) Taiwanese sausage, pork chop, fried chicken filet, 5 spice minced pork, cha-cha BBQ beef, Chia-Yi shredded chicken and popcorn chicken.

When I saw popcorn chicken as one of their offerings, I knew I had to try this bento! Popcorn chicken is one of my favorite Taiwanese dishes.


Mindi’s Kitchen’s popcorn chicken bento came with lots of tender and crispy popcorn chicken pieces! It was accompanied with scrambled egg, tofu and veggies. Popcorn chicken is normally a snack but I love how Mindi’s Kitchen made this into a full meal!

Though newly opened and with a full menu, Mindi’s Kitchen is already looking at adding more items to their menu. Coming soon will be Mindi’s Lion-Head Meatball Bento. I’ve heard this is a favorite of owner Mindi’s father in law and now she is going to share this with all of us. Although it’s not quite yet on their menu, I was able to get a chance to try it when I visited.


Mindi’s Lion-Head Meatball consisted of two very large pork meatballs. They were over 6cm in diameter. They were not only huge in size but huge in taste as well. I loved the overall tenderness and the oozing flavor. These meatballs were great with the accompanying veggies! I can’t wait to see this rawring its way permanently onto the menu.

Jia Ba Bue? If not, then what are you waiting for! Mindi’s Kitchen is open and ready to serve you Taiwanese food that is sure to make you smile.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Mindi’s Kitchen!


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