Hello Swirl Softserve!

“Ice cream makes everything better”

Sometimes all we need is some brightness and smile to help us through the day and what better way than ice cream. There’s a cute little shop that recently opened up in Hawthorne, California that is doing just that; bringing smiles. Swirl Softserve is all about making life a little more sweet (and better 😉 through ice cream.


Swirl Softserve specializes in soft serve, sundaes and Stumptown cold brew coffee. They even offer non-dairy to vegan ice cream. There truly is a treat for every tastebud here! Happiness for all! 🙂

They offer a variety of yummy flavors. Among the flavors I’ve seen are vanilla (an old favorite), pineapple (hmm rumor has it, that it tastes like Disneyland dole whip), java chip (who doesn’t love coffee) and blue monkey (a blue colored birthday cake). From classic favorites to unique flavors, one cannot help but smile with the variety.

When I visited Swirl Softserve, I was definitely in need of some cheer and their blue monkey ice cream did just that. It’s not only bright and cute on the outside, it’s creamy and delicious too! It truly did seem ice cream can make everything better.  ðŸ˜‰

Swirl Softserve gave me the smile I needed that day, and I’m sure it will bring many others smiles as well! Do checkout the newest soft serve shop in the South Bay and you’ll be reminded that life is sweet. 🙂

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review  on Swirl Softserve.


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