Hello Local Kitchen Tavern!

I’m just a local girl lovin’ the newest local place in Old Torrance.

I have frequented good ol Old Torrance since I was little girl. From classic Mexican restaurant La Capilla (where my family would celebrate birthdays with a matching Happy Birthday Panchita song) to Old Torrance Coffee and Tea (where I’d relax on Saturdays) to Foster Freeze (where I would enjoy a Twister on a summer days); Old Torrance truly has a special place in my heart.

Now there’s another reason for this local girl to love Old Torrance. Local Kitchen Tavern has recently opened right at the heart of Old Torrance,  at Sartori Avenue.


Torrance is home for this local girl and home is what Local Kitchen Tavern is all about. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos. They’ve got a very chill yet classy environment. It feels just like home.

Their menu is filled with classic, great dishes and several have an ode to Torrance such as their Sartori Caesar and Old Torrance Grilled Chicken Club.  All of their dishes are made fresh right when the customer orders.

For starters, I tried the newest favorite for many,  the Bad Aux Brussel Sprouts.


It’s hard not to see why this has quickly become a favorite! The fabulous brussel sprouts are charred with applewood smoked bacon and glazed with maple balsamic reduction. The dish has a subtle sweetness to it along with a hint of salty due to the bacon. I’ve always been a fan of brussel sprouts and this one tops my list of one of the best ones I’ve ever tried.

For my main dish, I had Dave’s BBQ Meatloaf Tower.


“Tower” is the perfect name for this dish because it has BBQ meatloaf piled almost as high as Dave’s mountain. Large pieces of meatloaf are on top of a gigantic rustic cheddar ciabatta and then it is layered with mashed potatoes, BBQ jus and crispy onions. Yes, it is big on size but big on flavor too! The rustic cheddar ciabatta is popping with cheesy goodness. The meatloaf is tender and delicious. The mashed potatoes are creamy, soft and simply melts in your mouth! Lastly the onion rings on top have full of buttermilk flavor from seasoned Panko bread crumbs and are perfectly crispy! Be still my heart, it has reached its peak in happiness with this mountain of goodness.

Local Kitchen Tavern just had its grand opening this April 18! I am so happy with this new local spot and I’m sure many other locals like me are excited to have this in the neighborhood.

Welcome to Torrance Local Kitchen Tavern! This Hello Kitty Foodie can’t wait to be back to try more of your delicious homestyle dishes. Thank you for the foodie smiles and making this local girl truly feel like I was at home.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on the Local Kitchen Tavern.


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