Hello Creamistry Torrance!

Now Freezing in Torrance!

With the temperature rising these last couple days, one who reads the first statement in this latest blog post may think I’ve gone crazy. It is true however my dear readers that it is now  freezing Torrance, thanks to the newly opened Creamistry.


Creamistry is the newest ice cream shop to hit the South Bay. They make customized ice cream out of liquid nitrogen. Milk particles stay in small pieces at -321 F. As the liquid nitrogen evaporates and clouds of liquid nitrogen come out. The result is a rich, smooth, creamy ice cream.

Folks have a choice of 50 different flavors along with more than 50 mix-in toppings. Sizes range from single, double, to nitroshakes. Bases range from premium, organic, sorbet and coconut.

Customers can choose to create their own or there are specialty creations already pre-set. I am a big fan of the specialty creations!

On my first visit here, I chose to get the “Strawberry Bond.”

Yes, Hello Kitty Foodies its freezing in Torrance! Check out the newest Creamistry to find out for yourself ;).
For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Creamistry.

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