Hello Cauldron Ice Cream Torrance!

Hello Cauldron Ice Cream Torrance!

Cauldron Ice Cream is now in Torrance! The ice cream shop famous for nitrogen ice cream in puffle cones have now hit the South Bay! For those unfamiliar with puffle cones these are egg waffle cones that first became popular in Hong Kong. It gets it’s name “puffle” because the egg based batter it’s made out of puffs up when cooked.

Cauldron Ice Cream in Torrance has three flavors for their puffle. You can get it in red velvet, churro and original. When you order a puffle, the folks here fill it with some of the best ice cream in town. Some noteworthy flavors of ice cream that they offer include “Milk and Cereal” (milk ice cream with frosted corn flakes), “Sun, Moon and Stars”(creamy milk tea ice cream with notes of jasmine, oolong and green tea and star sprinkles) and “Strawberry Shortcake” (strawberries and cream ice cream cream with shortcake mixed in).

My choice for my first time here was the Strawberry Shortcake in a red puffle.


I loved this treat when it first came out for a variety of reasons!

  1. It truly was instagram worthy! (You can get the ice cream as traditional scoop or rose). The rose is beautiful and is pretty for pictures!
  2. The puffle came out nice and warm! (Who doesn’t like fresh?)
  3. The ice cream was creamy and tasty! (The nitrogen ice cream strikes again!)
  4. It was a multi-dessert! (Ice cream, shortcake and waffle! Yes, please!!)

Overall I am so happy to see Cauldron Ice Cream now in Torrance! Pretty and puffles. This is my kinda place.


Hello Creamistry Torrance!

Hello Creamistry Torrance!

Now Freezing in Torrance!

With the temperature rising these last couple days, one who reads the first statement in this latest blog post may think I’ve gone crazy. It is true however my dear readers that it is now  freezing Torrance, thanks to the newly opened Creamistry.


Creamistry is the newest ice cream shop to hit the South Bay. They make customized ice cream out of liquid nitrogen. Milk particles stay in small pieces at -321 F. As the liquid nitrogen evaporates and clouds of liquid nitrogen come out. The result is a rich, smooth, creamy ice cream.

Folks have a choice of 50 different flavors along with more than 50 mix-in toppings. Sizes range from single, double, to nitroshakes. Bases range from premium, organic, sorbet and coconut.

Customers can choose to create their own or there are specialty creations already pre-set. I am a big fan of the specialty creations!

On my first visit here, I chose to get the “Strawberry Bond.”

Yes, Hello Kitty Foodies its freezing in Torrance! Check out the newest Creamistry to find out for yourself ;).
For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Creamistry.
Hello Smitten Ice Cream @ The Point!

Hello Smitten Ice Cream @ The Point!

I have been “smitten” with The Point ever since it opened up! I love El Segundo’s hot spot for shopping and dining! Now there is a new reason for me to be even more smitten than ever before! A new yummy spot has opened up at The Point and it no other than Smitten Ice Cream.


Smitten Ice Cream first opened up in Northern California. It’s the brain child of Robyn Sue Fisher, a graduate of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Her goal when graduating was simple and it was to make the best ice cream ever.

Her concept of making the best ice cream ever came to be with her creation of the Brr machine. Using liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees farenheit, ice cream is created. The super-cold temperature makes a much smoother cool treat!

All the flavors are fresh from TCHO chocolate to salted caramel to earl grey. One cannot help be “smitten” with all the delicious treats!

When I heard Smitten Ice Cream was coming to The Point, you bet I was there the first day! I was second in line and soon enough I was “smitten.” My flavor of choice was cookie dough with pretzels and chocolate chips.  My ice cream treat was wonderful! It was fresh, creamy and not overly sweet. It was the perfect for the summer day. How could I not be smitten.


Smitten Ice Cream is actually not only great for hot days but for cool nights as well. I’ve found myself enjoying a scoop of their cool treats with friends on a night out at The Point. Ice cream by a fire pit, why not? 🙂 Smitten Ice Cream is perfect for any time, day or night!


Many years ago, Robyn Sue Fisher dreamed of making the best ice cream ever. Her dream became a reality because Smitten Ice Cream is indeed ice cream to be “smitten” over.

For more smiles, please check out my Yelp review on Smitten Ice Cream.