Hello Mango Madness at Trader Joe’s!

Every October time frame, my hearts beat a little faster thanks to Trader Joe’s. During that time of year, Trader Joe’s has an incredible variety of pumpkin treats for every one to joy. I didn’t think that Trader Joe’s could make me that giddy with any other time of year until now….

Yes, Trader Joe’s has done it again! They’ve made this foodie fall in love and happily leap to their store this summer! It may not be October yet and they may not have pumpkin mania but they have the “Summer of Mango!”


Ahh mango! Mango is one of my favorite fruits. The sweet fruit is the perfect healthy dessert and one that every one should eat. Among the benefits of mango are they help clean the skin  alkalize the body and aid in weight loss. I honestly think I eat mango every day.

When I saw Trader Joe’s was having variety of special of mango treats for the summer, you bet to my local Trader Joe’s ASAP. I was not disappointed and found my Trader Joe’s indeed had mango madness all throughout the store.

Similar to pumpkin season at Trader Joe’s, the hardest thing for me that day was picking what mango treats I wanted. There was so much mango love at the store. Mango gummies! Orange peach Mango juice! Mango Babka! Mango Joe Joes! The mango selection was endless and I wanted to buy every thing haha! At the end of my trip, I did pretty good job in my mango haul!


It was the Mango Joe-Joe’s that first caught my eye and ended up being the first mango item I tried.


Trader Joe’s famous cookie wafers with cream in between has been mango-nized for this special time of year! It is all mango. The cookies are mango flavored and the cream is mango flavored. Trader Joe’s even made out of mango purée, mango powder, and natural mango flavor. Right at first bite, I could instantly taste the mango! It’s mango cookie heaven.

Next Mango-licious treat that made my heart skip a beat was the Mango Bar Bites.


Now I love lemon bars. When I spot lemon bars at a party, it’s the first dessert that get. It was therefore pure bliss when I saw Trader Joe’s Mango Bar Bites.  These Mango Bar Bites are fully baked sweet treats. The top consists of a soft and creamy sweet, tart mango puree with passion fruit and shaved coconut. The bottom is a thin, baked buttery crust. From the fruity top to the crisp crust, these Mango Bar Bites are amazing.

The sweet Mango love continued on with my next purchase. I could not help but get the Mango macarons.


I’ve always been a fan of Trader Joe’s macarons!  From Trader Joe’s Dozen Macarons Variés that features six flavors: Apricot, Coconut, Fig, Salted Caramel, Lemon, and Pistachio to their Pumpkin flavors, I am a fan. Now their latest macaron offering is the Mango macarons.

Similar to their Trader Joe’s macaron predecessors, these Mango macarons are amazing. The outside consists of crispy and chewy almond-based, meringue orange hued cookies. Inside is a vibrant, sweet filling of mango ganache.  Talk about one fabulous French confections. Ooh la la, I am in love.

I will honestly admit, I was tempted to put more mango desserts in my basket that day. The Trader Joe’s mango sorbet bon bons and mini mango pies were calling my name but I decided to be good (can’t promise for how long 😉 ) and the last mango item I purchased that day were the Mango O’s.


There’s nothing like starting off the day with a mango treat and this cereal is one that just spells cereal crush with a capital C. It’s whole grain oat cereal with the sweet taste of mango. The cereal itself has sweet-tart mango purée embedded in the O’s and then alongside them are pieces of freeze dried mango. It is one sweet and tart breakfast delight with a crispy crunch. Trader Joe’s sure knows how to start the day off right!

Soon after that mango haul, I ended up coming back for more mango treats!

I got some mango gummies!

These mango gummies come in passion fruit, yogurt and mango flavors. They’re the perfect sweet little treat.

I also got some mango mints.

These mints are sugar free yet full of mango flavor.

All of the mango-licious items that I bought have made me so happy. What can I say…I found summer love via a bit of mango madness at Trader Joe’s. O Mango, o mango, I think I love you.


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