Hello Kitty Foodie Meets Chococat and Pompompurin!

The collaboration between Sanrio and Plan Check Restaurant and Bar for Chococat and Pompompurin’s 20th anniversary is well underway.   Right before opening up the special menu offering to the public however; Sanrio had a special party and this Hello Kitty Foodie was so lucky to get to be a part of it.

Upon arriving at Plan Check Downtown, I was already in awe and amazement at seeing all the Chococat and Pompompurin love all around the restaurant.

Pompompurin was peeking out the window in pure excitement ;).


Chococat similarly was eagerly awaiting guests.


The two cuties were super excited for the Sanrio party and so was I ;).


Walking in my excitement was at its peak because there was even more cuteness overload! Our favorite black cat and golden retriever was right up front  to welcome guests!


Right next to our favorite Sanrio pals, was a wonderful assortment of food. Every delicious item from the special Pompompurin and Chococat menu was there.


The night started off with trying the mac and cheese.


This mac and cheese turned out to be one of my favorite items from the Pompompurin and Chococat set. The Americanized Dashi Cheese along with the Parmesan Reggiano brought such a creamy and cheesy texture to this. I also liked the addition of bread crumbs that gave a nice toasted texture to the dish.

The next item I got to try was the Togarashi Chips.


The sliced yukon gold potato chips were perfectly crisp. The Togarashi seasoning gave a unique flavor.

I liked the mac and cheese and Togarashi chips. It was however the Pompompurin grilled sausage sandwich that I was most eager to try.


I will admit I didn’t want to slice my sandwich. It was so cute and quite a sight. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that both the top bun and the bottom bun were special. (Hello Kitty Foodies, you need to turn around your sandwich to see the special surprise I saw ;).)

When I did finally get around to slicing the super cute sandwich and trying it, I was delighted with the mixture of flavors the sandwich offered. The house blended sausage together with the Kimchi slaw and kewpie cilantro mayonnaise was amazing. The sausage was tender and moist. The Kimchi slaw and kewpie cilantro mayonnaise brought a subtle sweetness that enhanced the sausage. It was so savory!

After all the savory eats, it was time for the sweets!

I first tried the vanilla cream soda with whipped cream.


Topped with a kawaii image of Pompompurin this was the perfect pair to the Pompompurin sandwich. The vanilla cream soda was thick and almost like a milkshake. It was one sweet delight.

I ended my meal with the sweetest and cutest treat of all and that was the Chococat cookie.


This sugar cookie definitely makes it on the top of my list of the cutest cookies I have ever seen. Not only was it sweet looking but it was sweet tasting as well. Aww Chococat this Hello Kitty Foodie loves you.

The fun didn’t end there however because all of us guests got the best surprise ever when Chococat and Pompompurin made an appearance! Our favorite Sanrio pals are not only cute but super friendly as well. Pompompurin even showed a couple of dance moves ;).


It was truly one amazing night. I will surely wear my exclusive Plan Check x Pompompurin x Chococat hat with a smile.


Thank you to Sanrio and Plan Check Kitchen and Bar for all the fun and memories.

To all my Hello Kitty Foodies, do check out the Plan Check x Pompompurin x Chococat promo that is going on from June 10 through July 10. You are sure to have lots of fun and leave with a smile just like me. 😉



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