Hello Harajuku!

Hello Harajuku!

On my recent trip to Japan, Harajuku was the top of the list of one of the most fun places I visited. It is internationally the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion and not only was the visit colorful and unique but it was quite a Hello Kitty Foodie adventure as well!

My number one reason for coming to Harajuku was to visit Reissue Cafe! Reissue Cafe is world-famous for their latte art! 💕☕️.  Reissue is home to latte artist, Kohei Matsuno.  He uses foam and chocolate to make the cutest 2D and 3D latte creations ever! My choice of course was Hello Kitty!


Reissue is located a little off Takeshita Street; the main street in Harajuku that has their famous boutiques. Soon after I visited Reissue, I instantly spotted Eiswelt Gelato! Eiswelt meaning “ice world” in German; had its first store open in Westminster, California in 2016. What makes Eiswelt so special is their character gelato. You can get gelato shaped in cute animals like a teddy, piggy, chicken and bunny! It is only in Japan however that you can get a froggy! I had to get the froggy of course because it was very similar to one of my favorite Sanrio characters, Keroppi! For the froggy gelato, you can choose to either get mint or matcha flavours. I went with matcha; in true Japanese spirit!


One doesn’t visit Harajuku without trying their famous crepes. Marion Crepes first opened up in 1976 as one of the only crepe shops in Harajuku.

Marion Crepes started their crepe revolution in 1976 as one of the only crepe shops in Harajuku. They serve have Japanese-style crepes that are filled with delicious ingredients. I chose to get their Strawberry and Banana Chocolate Cheesecake Cream Crepe! The crepe itself was so soft. It is made with a secret recipe and is truly mouth-watering.


Last bu definitely not least;  I visited Pompompurin Cafe! Pompompurin, the Sanrio yellow golden retriever actually has three cafes in Tokyo but the original one is in Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku. The cafe is supercute and filled with bright yellow and brown tones to match PomPomPurin and their menu is filled with Pompompurin inspired dishes and drinks. My choice was the Pompompurin Cafe stew which had a combo of three different stews; carrot stew, squid ink stew and purple sweet potato stew that was topped off with cutest 3D Pompompurin rice 💛!


Harajuku was definitely a cute and colorful culinary Hello Kitty Foodie adventure! I loved visiting all the various cafes and eating the most kawaii creations ever!


Hello Kitty and Friends at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Hello Kitty and Friends at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Lights, Camera, Hello Kitty!

I am so excited to share who the brightest star is to hit the Hollywood scene is…it’s no other than our favorite Hello Kitty! With her signature red bow, she is now the star of Universal Studio Hollywood’s newest Animation Studio store!


Hello Kitty and friends are no stranger to Universal Studios. As I shared in a previous blog post in 2016; they brought lots of cuteness to Universal Studios in Florida. Now Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi, Pompompurin and My Melody are bringing kawaii to the West Coast! Yay!


The new Animation Studio store sure is bringing plenty of Sanrio star power as seen in several lovely details throughout the vicinity. There’s even a collection of Sanrio-themed topiaries right outside the store.


The attention to detail in the new 6,000 square foot structure is not only cute but amazing as well!


Walking in one will be treated to true Hello Kitty and friends happiness!


There is a wonderful selection of park exclusive merchandise that includes accessories, apparel, stationary, souvenirs and collectibles!


Sanrio star power can be found in every corner!


One truly will be Sanrio star struck!


One of the many fun aspects of the store is the feature of several Sanrio characters into classic Universal movies! Hello Kitty is seen as part of Jaws, King Kong, Back to the Future and many more feature films.


And the Oscar err…Kitty goes to……


Another kawaii part of the store is the Hello Kitty Build-A-Bow Display. Here one can customize their bow design for a variety of colorful bow options. Mix and match to create your own star look. 🙂


Hello Kitty Foodies are sure to  love the delectable confectionary array of goodies that are also offered here!


Baked fresh daily are tasty treats featuring Hello Kitty and friends! From s’mores to cupcakes and caramel apples; Hello Kitty and her friends are also the star of these delightful treats.


From shopping to eating; every guest will feel like they are on the Hollywood Sanrio A-List when visiting the Animation Studio store.


Red carpet ready; the Animation Studio Store is now open!


Hello kitty will be stepping onto the red carpet 😉 and making special appearances at the Animation Studio Store. Be sure to get our favorite star’s autograph and enjoy Hollywood like you never have before.


Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up Visit!

Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up Visit!

The day all of us Hello Kitty Foodies in Southern California has finally arrived with the opening of the first ever Hello Kitty Cafe Pop!


It seemed like only yesterday when I wrote on this blog  a post about the upcoming cafe pop up and now it’s finally here. Cuteness overload and hello kitty happiness has hit California! Just this last July 15, 2016, the cafe pop up in the form of a pink metal shipping container had its grand opening at the Irvine spectrum.


I recently had the chance to visit the cafe and absolutely fell in love.


The Hello Kitty Pop-Up cafe is every Hello Kitty Foodie’s dream come true. The outside alone is super kawaii. With a little gate embossed with bow ties,  a pink and white canopy and a gigantic hello kitty light on the top, it’s the cutest cafe in town!


Right at the side of the cafe, where folks can place their orders, Hello Kitty herself is there to greet her cutie foodie fans.


The cafe has so many delicious offerings. They’ve got sweets, drinks and espressos! How about a birthday cake consisting of vanilla bean cake, sprinkles and butter cream or a strawberry streusel tart with fresh strawberries, toasted streusel and butter tart crust or Mama’s apple pie that has assorted apples, cinnamon and buttery pie crust?  Picking what sweet treat to get was perhaps one of the hardest decisions I had to make that day! Hmm could I just have one of every thing please? 😉


Not only are the sweets and treats cute but their packaging is super kawaii as well. The sweets box is very similar to the look of the pop-up cafe itself. The box is a “little cafe” with Hello Kitty and friends My Melody, Badtz Maru, Keroppi and Purin.


Hmm speaking of friends, Hello Kitty’s friends were not missing at the Pop-Up Cafe because of course they were there to support their favorite Kitty friend.

I spotted everyone’s favorite roly-poly penguin, Tuxedo Sam there. He was of course dressed in his best bow tie!


Right by the pick up window was the whole gang! Badtz Maru, Pompompurin, Chococat, Tuxedo Sam, My Melody, Keroppi and Mimi! Every one loves the Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up!


Speaking of the pick up window. Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up’s pick up window has to be the best and cutest pick up window ever.


It was at this super kawaii spot that I picked up all my hello kitty treats.


One of my favorite treats from the cafe is the strawberry cake.


The strawberry cake is a vanilla bean custard cake with butter cream and fresh strawberries. It has little hello kitty red bow ties and hello kitty faces all around. It is almost too cute to eat!

I said almost too cute 😉 hehe because one definitely needs to try this cake. The vanilla bean custard cake base is very moist. The butter cream gives just the right amount of sweetness too.

A perfect pairing to the strawberry cake is the strawberry mint lemonade.


Filled with fresh strawberries and mint, this lemonade is the perfect for those hot summer days!


The Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up will be at the Irvine Spectrum for a full year and I am sure to be back for more treats and sweet times in the future. This cafe simply spells out happiness. There are so many delicious treats featuring our favorite girl Hello Kitty. The whole place is just so, so special.  Cute. Happy. A dream come true. I could not help but smile from ear to ear during my visit here.

Do come visit the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe and be hit with hello kitty happiness the moment you come :). Have a sweet day!


For more smiles, please my Yelp review on the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe! It’s my 900th yelp review and truly something special and dear to me :).

Hello Kitty Foodie Meets Chococat and Pompompurin!

Hello Kitty Foodie Meets Chococat and Pompompurin!

The collaboration between Sanrio and Plan Check Restaurant and Bar for Chococat and Pompompurin’s 20th anniversary is well underway.   Right before opening up the special menu offering to the public however; Sanrio had a special party and this Hello Kitty Foodie was so lucky to get to be a part of it.

Upon arriving at Plan Check Downtown, I was already in awe and amazement at seeing all the Chococat and Pompompurin love all around the restaurant.

Pompompurin was peeking out the window in pure excitement ;).


Chococat similarly was eagerly awaiting guests.


The two cuties were super excited for the Sanrio party and so was I ;).


Walking in my excitement was at its peak because there was even more cuteness overload! Our favorite black cat and golden retriever was right up front  to welcome guests!


Right next to our favorite Sanrio pals, was a wonderful assortment of food. Every delicious item from the special Pompompurin and Chococat menu was there.


The night started off with trying the mac and cheese.


This mac and cheese turned out to be one of my favorite items from the Pompompurin and Chococat set. The Americanized Dashi Cheese along with the Parmesan Reggiano brought such a creamy and cheesy texture to this. I also liked the addition of bread crumbs that gave a nice toasted texture to the dish.

The next item I got to try was the Togarashi Chips.


The sliced yukon gold potato chips were perfectly crisp. The Togarashi seasoning gave a unique flavor.

I liked the mac and cheese and Togarashi chips. It was however the Pompompurin grilled sausage sandwich that I was most eager to try.


I will admit I didn’t want to slice my sandwich. It was so cute and quite a sight. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that both the top bun and the bottom bun were special. (Hello Kitty Foodies, you need to turn around your sandwich to see the special surprise I saw ;).)

When I did finally get around to slicing the super cute sandwich and trying it, I was delighted with the mixture of flavors the sandwich offered. The house blended sausage together with the Kimchi slaw and kewpie cilantro mayonnaise was amazing. The sausage was tender and moist. The Kimchi slaw and kewpie cilantro mayonnaise brought a subtle sweetness that enhanced the sausage. It was so savory!

After all the savory eats, it was time for the sweets!

I first tried the vanilla cream soda with whipped cream.


Topped with a kawaii image of Pompompurin this was the perfect pair to the Pompompurin sandwich. The vanilla cream soda was thick and almost like a milkshake. It was one sweet delight.

I ended my meal with the sweetest and cutest treat of all and that was the Chococat cookie.


This sugar cookie definitely makes it on the top of my list of the cutest cookies I have ever seen. Not only was it sweet looking but it was sweet tasting as well. Aww Chococat this Hello Kitty Foodie loves you.

The fun didn’t end there however because all of us guests got the best surprise ever when Chococat and Pompompurin made an appearance! Our favorite Sanrio pals are not only cute but super friendly as well. Pompompurin even showed a couple of dance moves ;).


It was truly one amazing night. I will surely wear my exclusive Plan Check x Pompompurin x Chococat hat with a smile.


Thank you to Sanrio and Plan Check Kitchen and Bar for all the fun and memories.

To all my Hello Kitty Foodies, do check out the Plan Check x Pompompurin x Chococat promo that is going on from June 10 through July 10. You are sure to have lots of fun and leave with a smile just like me. 😉


Hello Pompompurin and Chococat @ Plan Check Kitchen and Bar!

Hello Pompompurin and Chococat @ Plan Check Kitchen and Bar!

It’s time to once again and say hello to  Plan Check Kitchen and Bar! Once again the popular LA restaurant is partnering with Sanrio! After Hello Kitty’s Hungry Hunt in October of 2014 and their Gudetama  promo in October of 2015; Plan Check and Sanrio are now coming together to feature Pompompurin and Chococat.

It’s the two kawaii characters 20th anniversary this year! Who doesn’t love the cutie (and sleepy) golden retriever Pompompurin  and Chococat, the boy cat with a chocolate nose ;)?

Pompompurin   and Chococat are celebrating their anniversary with all of us foodies  as they party at each of the Plan Check Kitchen and Bar locations in the Fairfax, Sawtelle and Downtown LA.

To help celebrate their cuteness, Plan Check Kitchen and Bar has a special menu featuring Pompompurin and Chococat inspired dishes!


As a starter they have a Mac & Cheese dish with Americanized dashi cheese, bread crumbs, and Parmigiano Reggiano.


They also have crispy Togarashi Potato Chips as a an appetizer.


Togarasi is a peppery Japanese condiment made of assortment of dried chil peppers. Plan Check has them sprinkled over some crispy potato chips for this event!

The main course consists of  a Pompompurin Grilled Sausage Sandwich.


This sandwich featuring the face of Pompompurin is almost too cute to eat! It sure has a lot of deliciousness packed in with house blended sausage, kimchi slaw, and kewpie cilantro.

Chococat maybe a scatter brain at times but he is one sweet cat! Plan Check celebrates his sweetness with a cookie dedicated to him!


The kawaii cookie will be served with vanilla ice cream.

Last but not least a Vanilla Cream Soda featuring the equally sweet Pompompurin ith whipped cream will be served!

This multi-course Plan Check  Pompompurin and Chococat menu will be available for $39 starting Friday, June 10 and running through Sunday, July 10! All guests ordering this special meal will get a limited edition co-branded cap featuring our favorite Sanrio golden retriever Pompompurin and black cat Chococat!


Not only is this a cute event featuring two of our favorite Sanrio characters. This event will also honor Pet Appreciation Week which happens the first week of June! A portion of the sales from the meal  will be donated to L.A. Love & Leashes