Hello, Elvis Has Left the Building!

Elvis has left the building and has entered my stomach! Hehe….

Good morning Hello Kitty Foodies from Vegas! What better way to celebrate Sin City than having some sinfully savory eats.

This morning, I ate at the Grand Cafe. This 24 hour American bistro is located at the beautiful Red Rock Resort and Casino.

Just like the bright lights on the Strip, their menu has items that will sure to make your eyes go wide with delight. One particular item on the specials menu caught my eye right away and it was no other than the Elvis style waffle with Nutella. Elvis? Vegas? Oh yeah….

When my order of the Elvis style waffle came out, I knew I had hit the jackpot…


A sinfully delicious plate was presented to me consisting of a Belgium topped with bananas, bacon, peanut butter and Nutella cream! This breakfast waffle was the perfect mix of savory and sweet. The sweet flavor stands out right from the start as at first bite my palette was delighted with the taste of peanut butter. Slowly after, the touch of Nutella cream and bananas made its way to my tastebuds and then the surprise of crispy bacon bits made its way. So sinful but yet so delicious, Elvis sure still knows how to make a lady swoon. Sometimes it’s good to be bad….

Now for those who want to be good, Grand Cafe does offer some more healthy or dare I say a bit more angelic entrees. One such item is the Energy omelet.


This Energy omelet is great for those who want a healthier option or those who just want a little bit of energy after a night out in Sin City. This egg delight consists of egg whites, chicken breast, spinach, onions, mushroom and Hollandaise sauce. It’s a nice “wake me up, so I can play some more” sort of dish ;)…hmm back to the being bad theme…but then again this is Sin City! 😛

Yes, sometimes it’s good to be bad…(I’m kidding of course ;)) but the thought of that Elvis waffle just makes this girl swoon haha.




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