Hello Honeymee!

“Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
You know that I love you
I can’t help myself
I love you and nobody else….”

Sometimes I randomly burst into song. I’m that nerdy girl you’ll see at the stoplight singing loudly in her car and smiling goofily.  It’s just the way I am when I get happy and I sure was happy when I stepped into Honeymee for the first time ever.

Honeymee is all about sweet treats that will help brighten your day. They offer up true milk ice-cream with natural honey.

The menu is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.  It’s a rather sweet concept with names like “Darling” (true milk ice cream), “Dear” (true milk ice cream with Ghiradelli chocolate sauce and sprinkles of sea salt from France), “Sweetie” (true milk ice cream with 100% natural liquid honey swirl), “Honeymee” (true milk ice cream with 100% natural honeycomb chip) and “Babee” (your choice of ice cream in a fresh sweet bun.

With such happy, lovey dovey names, one would expect the sweetest treat ever with their offerings and I did find myself wondering if my heart would be happy once I tried their ice cream.

The lucky ice cream that won my heart that day was the “Sweetie.” I chose to get a Sweetie with an extra topping of almonds.

Presented to me was a beautiful cup filled with soft, creamy ice cream drizzled with sweet honey and topped with crispy almond slices.

It was dare I say love at first sight.


True love is not defined by looks alone however and only time would tell if the Sweetie really is worthy of my (foodie) love.  At my first taste of the Sweetie, I knew instantly that indeed I couldn’t help myself and that I loved Sweetie like no other ice cream. ;), Yes, sugar pie honey bunch, I love you and nobody else…”

My heart was happy and I felt like bursting into song. Honeymee’s ice cream is indeed one that will make your heart happy. The quality of their ice cream standouts and I could taste the freshness of the milk just at one bite. The honey swirled in was just the right amount of sweet and the almonds on top brought an extra special crunch to the already tasty treat.

Needless to say I smiled goofily like a love struck girl and sang in the car, my whole ride home that day after my Honeymee trip….

For more smiles, please read my Yelp review on Honeymee.



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