Hello Veggie Grill Fall Menu!

Through the years, my blog readers have come to know that I am very fond of Veggie Grill. It all started with an invite to their grand opening in Torrance back in 2011 and the rest is history.

As Veggie Grill continues to grow and develop their menu through the years, my love for the vegetarian joint continues to grow as well. Just recently Veggie Grill introduced their Fall Menu for 2015 and as a fan I happily went one weekend to try their new offerings out.

The new menu consists of some spicy entrees such as their Bad Boy Burger and Seoul Bowl as well as some scrumptious small plates like tempura green bean stack and based yams. There is also a healthy savory salad via their Golden Beet Salad.

For my entree, I chose to get the Bad Boy Burger. Hopping on to the latest siracha craze, this burger is all about that spicy sauce.


The patty consists of a blend of organic quinoa, kale and mushrooms. This lovely vegetarian patty is then topped with spicy tomato Chao cheese, caramelized onions, pickled Jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, veg mayo and of course, siracha! This is all sandwiched in a soft brioche bun. What makes it “bad?.” It’s that spice. That siracha adds a little heat to this otherwise “innocent looking” sandwich. It may look like an “innocent” and “ordinary” vegetarian burger but that siracha gives that extra oomph of flavor.  This is a nice addition to Veggie Grill’s burger menu.

In addition to the Bad Boy Burger, I got to the try the Tempura Green Bean Stack.


I am a big tempura fan and tempura green beans is one of my favorites. Veggie Grill definitely did tempura green beans justice with this appetizer. Their tempura breaded green beans comes with grilled lemon, onion and garlic ranch sauce for dipping. The tempura batter is light and the green beans are nice and crisp. The garlic ranch sauce is creamy, thick and adds a nice flavor to the green beans. This maybe a seasonal item but I sure hope it stays!

Veggie Grill once again did it again with bringing plenty of smiles to this Hello Kitty Foodie. Their new fall items are definitely something people are sure to “fall” in love with.


Happy Fall Flavors my Hello Kitty Foodie!


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