Hello Peet’s Coffee @ The Point!

Coffee houses make me smile and when I heard Peet’s Coffee was opening up at one of my favorite South Bay hot spots, The Point, I knew I would have to check this place out.

This October was the perfect time to finally make a visit to Peet’s Coffee @ The Point because this month Peet’s is offering seasonal pumpkin specialties! Coffee houses and pumpkin goodies! My two crushes have come together, how can I not make a visit!?!  😉

One beautiful overcast day, I found myself at Peet’s with my eye on the (pumpkin) prize. I originally intended to just get a pumpkin latte but when I saw some their pumpkin food goodies, I chose to get a sweet treat as well.


For my drink, I got the pumpkin latte with almond milk. First sip and I instantly had a coffee crush. This drink definitely makes the top of the list of best pumpkin lattes I’ve ever had. The pumpkin taste is subtle and mild but just right.  The steamed almond milk was my favorite. It brought a lovely sweet taste to the drink. The light foam on the top was a nice touch. I once had a friend who said Peet’s Coffee is like no other and I agree, this coffee was amazing. The combo of espresso coffee, creamy steamed almond milk, sweet vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg all came together perfectly. Pumpkin perfect.

My sweet treat was a pumpkin pie bar. One of my favorite dessert bars is lemon bars but I think this has now changed to Peet’s pumpkin pie bar. Shortbread crust with real pumpkin pie and topped with sweet crumbles and real pumpkin pie seeds, this dessert bar is nothing short of heavenly. The pumpkin pie base was so creamy. I was pleasantly surprised with the pumpkin pie seeds on the top! Just like the pumpkin latte, Peet’s sure knows what pumpkin perfection is.

Coffee houses make me smile but Peet’s Coffee House did not just make me smile but made my heart oh so happy!

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Peet’s Coffee @ The Point.


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