Hello and Happy National Sandwich Day!

Hello and Happy National Sandwich Day!

There is no better way to celebrate National Sandwich Day than having a yummy sandwich from the sandwich place that simply makes me happy. That place is no other than Mendocino Farms.

Mendocino Farms is my happy sandwich place. Everything about this place is happy. Their sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients from the best sources. What I simply love about this place though is the uniqueness of their sandwiches. These sandwiches are not your ordinary sandwich. Just at first bite one can taste their distinct flavor.

The first sandwich that I got to try for National Sandwich Day clearly shows just how special and unique Mendocino Farms is.  I had the “Not So Fried” Chicken Sandwich.


Just from the name alone, this sandwich had me intrigued. It is a chicken sandwich that has sliced chicken breast rolled in Mendo Krispies and comes with herb aioli, mustared pickle slaw, tomatoes and pickled red onions. This is all in between crispy ciabatta bread.  I loved the chicken rolled in the Mendo Krispies. It brought the crisp to the chicken that is normally found on fried chicken. It’s healthy and different!.

The other sandwich I got to try on this special sandwich day is the latest Chef’s pick and my new favorite, the Short Rib Sunday Supper Trencher! This is an open faced sandwich just oozing with goodness.


On this sandwich is tender braised short rib in Mendo’s “Sunday Sauce,” red wine and tomato gravy. On top of the short rib is kale, carrots, onions, celery, herbs, horseradish ricotta and Mendo Krispies! All of these ingredients blend together for savory goodness with a special touch of crispiness!

Today was indeed a day full of smiles! Thanks to Mendocino Farms for helping me celebrate National Sandwich Day! #MendoEatHappy for this happy hello kitty foodie!



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