Hello Tom’s Tacos!

Hello and Happy National Taco Day!

What better way to celebrate taco day then some delicious tacos and a blog post about them!

This Hello Kitty Foodie celebrated National Taco Day with some crunchy treats from Tom’s Tacos.

Tom’s Tacos is the “Home of the Hardshell Tacos and Fresh Salsa.”


Tom’s Tacos sounds a lot like the famous Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, right? That is no concidence. The very first Tom’s Tacos was once Tito’s Tacos in Orange County. The story of Tom’s Tacos started when a. fan of Tito’s Tacos, bought Tito’s Tacos OC location. Being such a big taco fan, he decided to offer the same menu as Tito’s Tacos and as well as some other yummy treats like tostadas and nachos! Tom’s Tacos offers same great taste as Tito’s Tacos and more!

Although originally located in Anaheim, Tom’s Tacos moved to Torrance, California this 2015. This move was of much delight to this Hello Kitty Foodie. Being a South Bay native, I welcomed this location change. I’ve been wanting to come check out Tom’s Tacos for sometime and finally the time came and just in time for National Taco Day!

My orders consisted of one beef taco with cheese, one chicken taco with cheese and taquitos! From the start, I was impressed. I was presented with a box full of crunchy delights! Their tacos are indeed special! The crispy shell was filled with lots of tender meat, fresh lettuce and tasty shredded cheese. The beef was savory and the chicken was tender. It’s hard for me to say which taco version was my favorite because I was a fan of both. Topping the tacos with the fresh salsa added a nice touch.

The taquitos which came with a side of guacamole was also a nice treat. The taquitos had that nice crisp on the outside and there was a good serving of meat inside. Dipping it in guacamole enhanced the flavor of the taquito even more.

Trying out Tom’s Tacos to celebrate National Taco Day was perfect. The tacos I tried are some of the tastiest I’ve ever tried. I loved how fresh everything was. Their made to order tacos that comes with housemade salsa was truly a winner. I sure was full of smiles for National Taco Day thanks to Tom’s Tacos.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Tom’s Tacos.


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