Hello Frida Mexican Cuisine @ Del Amo!

Hello Frida Mexican Cuisine @ Del Amo!

When Del Amo Fashion Center had their Expansion Opening Celebration back in October, I was one of the many who was excited about all the upcoming new hot spots that would be opening up at the mall. Many amazing restaurants were in the line up! Just right before the holidays, one of the highly anticipated eateries opened up and this is no other than Frida Mexican Cusine.


Frida is a popular Mexican restaurant with locations already in Beverly Hills and Westwood. It is headed by Chef Vincent Del Rio who’s concept is “Mexican gastronomy is an art.” He brings out authentic Mexcian cuisine full of traditional flavors and ingredients from his homeland Mexico City.

Hearing about the wonderful food from the Beverly Hills and Westwood location, I was very eager to try the new Del Amo location and I recently had the pleasure of doing so.

The meal here starts off with a delicious complimentary chips and salsa. They’ve got red and green salsa for your tasting buds pleasure. The red salsa has a tomatillo like taste while the green salsa has a lime like flavor.


The savory menu consists of indeed many traditional delicious Mexican “Entradas” such as Consome de Pollo, chicken broth served with vegetables, rice and chicken and Burrito campechano, a burrito combo of marinated grilled chicken and beef sirloin with rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, queso fresco and guacamole, wrapped in a flour tortilla.


I happened to come on Tuesday and it seemed that tacos would be appropriate. Taco Tuesdays always makes me smile. Their traditional tacos come in soft tortillas but I chose to get the crispy taco version, one chicken and one beef.


I liked how their tacos were topped off with lots of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and white cheese. Underneath there was plenty of tender shredded meat.

I also wanted to try a variety of their other items and chose to get the Frida platter with some friends.


The Frida platter consist of crispy taquitos, quesadillas, mini sole and guacamole.  The guacamole is made fresh and this was perfect on top of all the appetizers! The quesadillas was oozing with white cheddar inside. The mini sole were cute and yummy small tostadas topped with similar lettuce, tomatoes and cheese that were found in the tacos. My favorite of the whole platter had to be the taquitos. The taquitos were crispy, crunchy and simply wonderful. It was filled with lots of tender chicken and drizzled on top was tasty sour cream. The guacamole on top of the taquitos was like icing on the cake! Just the perfect topping for a treat.

Not to be outdone is the Drinks menu at Frida.


Frida Del Amo offers happy hour on weekdays from 3 to 6pm and 9pm to closing.

They’ve got various handcrafted drinks and specialties. I chose to get a virgin mango margarita.


It was one refreshing drink and the taste of mango hits the taste buds right at first sip.

I really enjoyed my very first trip to new Frida Del Amo. It was not hard to see why Frida has been so popular since the opening up of it’s flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills. Everything I tried here was delicious and I could really tell that they used the freshest and highest quality ingredients. One can really see that “Mexican gastronomy is an art.” From the beautiful plating of dishes to the savory flavors, I was truly impressed. I was full of smiles at the end of my meal and cannot wait to be back!

Thank you Frida Mexican Cusiine for a wonderful night. This is a great addition to Del Amo Fashion Center!


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Hello Tom’s Tacos!

Hello Tom’s Tacos!

Hello and Happy National Taco Day!

What better way to celebrate taco day then some delicious tacos and a blog post about them!

This Hello Kitty Foodie celebrated National Taco Day with some crunchy treats from Tom’s Tacos.

Tom’s Tacos is the “Home of the Hardshell Tacos and Fresh Salsa.”


Tom’s Tacos sounds a lot like the famous Tito’s Tacos in Culver City, right? That is no concidence. The very first Tom’s Tacos was once Tito’s Tacos in Orange County. The story of Tom’s Tacos started when a. fan of Tito’s Tacos, bought Tito’s Tacos OC location. Being such a big taco fan, he decided to offer the same menu as Tito’s Tacos and as well as some other yummy treats like tostadas and nachos! Tom’s Tacos offers same great taste as Tito’s Tacos and more!

Although originally located in Anaheim, Tom’s Tacos moved to Torrance, California this 2015. This move was of much delight to this Hello Kitty Foodie. Being a South Bay native, I welcomed this location change. I’ve been wanting to come check out Tom’s Tacos for sometime and finally the time came and just in time for National Taco Day!

My orders consisted of one beef taco with cheese, one chicken taco with cheese and taquitos! From the start, I was impressed. I was presented with a box full of crunchy delights! Their tacos are indeed special! The crispy shell was filled with lots of tender meat, fresh lettuce and tasty shredded cheese. The beef was savory and the chicken was tender. It’s hard for me to say which taco version was my favorite because I was a fan of both. Topping the tacos with the fresh salsa added a nice touch.

The taquitos which came with a side of guacamole was also a nice treat. The taquitos had that nice crisp on the outside and there was a good serving of meat inside. Dipping it in guacamole enhanced the flavor of the taquito even more.

Trying out Tom’s Tacos to celebrate National Taco Day was perfect. The tacos I tried are some of the tastiest I’ve ever tried. I loved how fresh everything was. Their made to order tacos that comes with housemade salsa was truly a winner. I sure was full of smiles for National Taco Day thanks to Tom’s Tacos.

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Hello The Gardens of Taxco!

Hello The Gardens of Taxco!

Located in West Hollywood is one of the most unique restaurants in Southern California. The Gardens of Taxco opened up in 1971 and since then has been gaining recognition such for its different and entertaining concept of Mexico-style cuisine. They’ve been featured in USA Today and have over 700 reviews on Yelp.

Just recently my friends and I had a chance to try out this very special place.

Walking in, the place is dimly lit with colored lights on the tiled floor and traditional Mexican decor all over. The place is very cute and cozy.

As soon as we were seated, we were given chips, green salsa and pickled vegetables. The pickeled vegetables were something different and had a slight spice to it. Among the veggies were carrots, cauliflower and jalapeno.


Soon after the waiter came and the fun of the night began. This place has no menu! In place of a menu is a waiter who describes their various dishes “Mexico City style”. He will ask if you want chicken, pork, beef, seafood or a vegetarian dish. From there the waiter describes how their various dishes are prepared. It is no ordinary description! It’s one very animated presentation!  We got to hear about “best mole in town” and chicken “born in the sauce.” The “menu” speech was full of funny, fabalous flair! I was sold on the chicken a la crema that was “born in the sauce.” He said it was super “crrrrrrreamy” (with the rolling of r’s and a special squeaking eeeeeeyyyyy at the end, how could I not be sold on trying this dish hehe) 😉

Once our entrees were ordered, the delicious five course meal started! First off was a delcious cheese quesadilla topped with guacamole. The tortilla had a perfect crisp at the corners and the cheese simply melted in your mouth. The guacomole was fresh and drool-wrothy.


Second up was the albondigas soup! I’ve always loved albondigas soup and The Gardens of Taxco gives justice to one of my favorite soups of all time. The broth is flavorful and had a good mix of carrots and potatoes as well a tender meatball!


The third starter was a beef taquito topped with a strip of sour cream and a side of guacamole. It was a small taquito filled lots of beef!


Soon after was our main entrees! As I mentioned earlier, I chose to get the chicken a la creama. This dish was indeed “borrrrrrrn in the sauce.”  Two and half large pieces of chicken were covered in the creamiest sauce ever. The cream was light and just slightly sweet. It was so delicious and has this Hello Kitty Foodie salivating just at the thought of this dish.  It was accompanied  with refried beans, rice and salsa.


Last but definitely not the least was their dessert. The fifth and final course is a bananas and cream dessert topped with a cherry. They accompany this with sherry for those who want it. The bananas in cream is sweet and creamy! It’s small yet enough to give you the sweetness that you want but not overwhelm you! It’s the perfect ending to a fabulous five course.

In between to eating all of this, we were seranaded by a very talented guitar player who sang various traditional songs by request. This was a nice touch to our evening.


All in all my friends and I were full of smiles throughout the whole night. This place is definitely special.


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