Hello The Gardens of Taxco!

Located in West Hollywood is one of the most unique restaurants in Southern California. The Gardens of Taxco opened up in 1971 and since then has been gaining recognition such for its different and entertaining concept of Mexico-style cuisine. They’ve been featured in USA Today and have over 700 reviews on Yelp.

Just recently my friends and I had a chance to try out this very special place.

Walking in, the place is dimly lit with colored lights on the tiled floor and traditional Mexican decor all over. The place is very cute and cozy.

As soon as we were seated, we were given chips, green salsa and pickled vegetables. The pickeled vegetables were something different and had a slight spice to it. Among the veggies were carrots, cauliflower and jalapeno.


Soon after the waiter came and the fun of the night began. This place has no menu! In place of a menu is a waiter who describes their various dishes “Mexico City style”. He will ask if you want chicken, pork, beef, seafood or a vegetarian dish. From there the waiter describes how their various dishes are prepared. It is no ordinary description! It’s one very animated presentation!  We got to hear about “best mole in town” and chicken “born in the sauce.” The “menu” speech was full of funny, fabalous flair! I was sold on the chicken a la crema that was “born in the sauce.” He said it was super “crrrrrrreamy” (with the rolling of r’s and a special squeaking eeeeeeyyyyy at the end, how could I not be sold on trying this dish hehe) 😉

Once our entrees were ordered, the delicious five course meal started! First off was a delcious cheese quesadilla topped with guacamole. The tortilla had a perfect crisp at the corners and the cheese simply melted in your mouth. The guacomole was fresh and drool-wrothy.


Second up was the albondigas soup! I’ve always loved albondigas soup and The Gardens of Taxco gives justice to one of my favorite soups of all time. The broth is flavorful and had a good mix of carrots and potatoes as well a tender meatball!


The third starter was a beef taquito topped with a strip of sour cream and a side of guacamole. It was a small taquito filled lots of beef!


Soon after was our main entrees! As I mentioned earlier, I chose to get the chicken a la creama. This dish was indeed “borrrrrrrn in the sauce.”  Two and half large pieces of chicken were covered in the creamiest sauce ever. The cream was light and just slightly sweet. It was so delicious and has this Hello Kitty Foodie salivating just at the thought of this dish.  It was accompanied  with refried beans, rice and salsa.


Last but definitely not the least was their dessert. The fifth and final course is a bananas and cream dessert topped with a cherry. They accompany this with sherry for those who want it. The bananas in cream is sweet and creamy! It’s small yet enough to give you the sweetness that you want but not overwhelm you! It’s the perfect ending to a fabulous five course.

In between to eating all of this, we were seranaded by a very talented guitar player who sang various traditional songs by request. This was a nice touch to our evening.


All in all my friends and I were full of smiles throughout the whole night. This place is definitely special.


For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on The Gardens of Taxco!


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