Hello Porto’s Bakery and Cafe!

There’s a ray of light shining from above. A beautiful sight. A blissful feeling. An angelic chorus singing….am I in foodie heaven?

Ahh no…I’m only at Porto’s Bakery and Cafe (and that angelic chorus is actually my stomach growling haha)


I love Porto’s Bakery and Cafe! I also find myself loving each and every thing I try from here. Everything is so heavenly.


My top favorites are their potato ball and their dulce de leche cookies!

The potato ball is a mashed potato filled with seasoned ground beef. It is breaded and fried.
It is my favorite savory item from this Cuban bakery.


My favorite sweet item from this Cuban bakery is their dulce de leche kisses. They are light and crispy butter tart doughs filled with dulce de leche and topped with powder sugar. These wonderful cookies simply melt in your mouth.


I always make sure to get those two items from Porto’s Bakery and Cafe whenever I purchase something from here. However through the years, I am finding more and more new heavenly things to try.

On my latest trip I got to try their tamales. These Cuban style tamales are filled with pork. The outer layer is perfectly soft and the pork inside is so tender. It’s fulfilling and hearty.



The most blissful surprise however was dissevering that Porto’s has a full coffee bar offering hot, iced and ice blended beverages! I’d never known that Porto’s offers coffee drinks! I truly was in heaven with this discovery and I found myself with the best drink ever with the dulce de leche latte ice blended. It has espresso, dulce de leche, vanilla and steamed milk. This was love at first sip. The espresso can be tasted right at the initial sip and then slowly the sweetness of dulce de leche will kick in. Ahh that angelic chorus err stomach is humming again with the thought of that sweetness. It is the sweet feeling of satisfaction.


Porto’s Cuban Bakery and Cafe is foodie heaven indeed. My love for Porto’s has grown through the years and each and every time I’ve gotten something here, I am full of smiles.

For more smiles, please see my Porto’s experiences through the years via my Yelp reviews on Porto’s Bakery and Cafe.


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