Hello Be Still My Heart, It’s You (again) Pumpkin!

It’s that time of year again….it’s time for the great big pumpkin haul, Hello Kitty err..Charlie Brown! Yes, it’s the time when my hearts beats a little faster for my pumpkin love.


My pumpkin crush started a little bit early this year thanks to some free birthday goodies I received.

The week of my birthday, Starbucks came out with my forever favorite PSL and pumpkin frappuccino. My free birthday drink of choice was of course no other than the pumpkin frappucino. This drink simply was the answer to the hot Southern California days we’ve been having lately.


Similar to Starbucks, Corner Bakery Cafe, gave me granted my birthday wish for more pumpkin galore with an amazingly soft and moist pumpkin bundt cake. The pumpkin flavor was abundant and I loved the mix of nuts that they added in.


Soon after my birthday, the pumpkin treats started appearing every where and it was to my pleasant surprise to find pumpkin spice oreos! I thought I was in love when red velvet oreos came out a couple months ago but those have nothing on these lovelies!  These delights consist of vanilla oreo cookies filled with sweet orange creme that has a hint of cinnamon flavor and a bit of nutmeg.


From the pumpkin birthday treats to the oreos, you would think my pumpkin crush would be at it’s peak but it’s really not until I go to Trader Joe’s. It’s at that store, that my heart beats a little faster, my step gets a extra little spring and I feel like bursting into song when I see all the pumpkin love.

This year my Trader Joe’s pumpkin consisted of all kinds of treats from breakfast goodies to dessert delights! Even the Trader Joe’s cashier noticed and made a comment on how my basket had “a whole lot of pumpkin.”


Every day can be a happy pumpkin day! What better way to start off the day then with some pumpkin breakfast!

First in my list of pumpkin morning delights are Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s. These Pumpkin O’s are low fat, vegan, gluten free and have a whole lot of pumpkin flavor in them. They are made of toasted whole grain cereal with brown rice, oats and pumpkin!


Next breakfast treat I got from TJ was the pecan pumpkin oatmeal. This healthy treat is made of whole grain oats, pumpkin and pecans! Who says oatmeal can’t taste good? This holiday oatmeal is out to prove all the oatmeal doubters wrong!


The morning pumpkin love did not stop with the pumpkin o’s and oatmeal however because I got pumpkin waffles! These crispy waffle treats are wonderful!


Breakfast of course would not be complete without some coffee! As I mentioned earlier, Starbucks’ PSL is my forever favorite but Trader Joe’s has a quick fix to PSL cravings with their pumpkin spice coffee! Their medium roast version is full of the pumpkin spice delightful flavor. The pumpkin aroma when brewing is a perfect kick start to the day


From breakfast, we move on to lunch, where once again Trader Joe’s offers up a nice healthy pumpkin treat via their Harvest Blend Salad. This salad is packed with flavors of fall with hearty kale greens, pumpkin cornbread croutons, roasted pumpkin seeds, dates, raisins and pumpkin vinaigrette!


After breakfast and lunch comes snacks and desserts. From salty to sweet, Trader Joe’s has it!

It was to much delight that I saw pumpkin tortilla chips.  These tortilla chips are made with real pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds. They’ve got a little hint of cinnamon and nutmeg as well to further enhance the fall flavor. It’s sweet, crispy and just the little perfect pumpkin snack! They would be perfect with a little pumpkin hummus! 😉


Another delightful treat I got is Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice cream! It is pumpkin pie in ice cream form. It’s perfectly creamy and packed with pumpkin pie flavor. Hot day blues are sure to melt away with a scoop of this ice crew,.


Last but definitely not the least is pumpkin spice pie cookie butter! OMG I thought Trader Joe’s had my heart with their regular cookie butter but this pumpkin spice pie cookie butter just won me over for life. I didn’t know cookie butter could get any better but this concoction, just exceeded all kinds of cookie butter expectations. It has just the right of pumpkin flavor and goes great with anything!


Be still my heart, indeed! Pumpkin, you will forever be my crush! Thanks for always making my heart happy and full of smiles.


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