Hello Smart Coffee App!

Being a iPhone girl who’s always looking for fun apps to try and someone who has a coffee crush, I could not help be but excited when I heard about the Smart Coffee App.

SmartCoffee is the mobile app created by Paul Katzeff, the grandfather of specialty coffee roasting in America. Paul has 45 years of experience in the coffee business and he made this app in order to help coffee drinkers around the world find the perfect coffee cup for their own particular taste. It’s an app for every coffee fan whether they be long time coffee lovers or new coffee drinkers. This app helps everyone think and drink coffee like a professional.

The way the app works is very simple. You choose first your “mouthfeel” that fits you best. You can choose from “Bright and Lively” (edgy) or “Heavy and Mellow” (buttery). Once you choose your “mouth feel,” you get to choose three flavors that fit your tastes.”


The Smart Coffee App will then take your preferences and tell you the blend that is perfect for you and recommend which coffee fit your tastebuds.

For my blend, I chose heavy, sweet sour, nutty, fruity and chocolate. The Smart Coffee App said my choice of coffee are coffees that are natural or dry processed with sweet/sour flavors. They recommended Byron’s Maracaturra, a light roast and organic coffee.


This coffee is from Byron Corrales, a organic farmer and pioneer in applying biodynamic farming practices to coffee production. This coffee is sweet and floral with hints of cashew and mango. Just seeing this recommendation, I knew the Smart Coffee app hit it right on. I love both cashew and mango and thought it was so awesome that the app picked this up based off my coffee preferences.

Trying the coffee for the first time, I was instantly impressed. The coffee is light roast and perfect for my tastebuds because I prefer coffee that is not too strong. The main coffee itself is smooth tasting and very satisfying. There’s a little hint of sweet and some fruity in there which definitely matches my chosen flavor. The light roast coffee nutty’s sweet edge makes for just the right acidity to kick start the day! I love the overall buttery smoothness of this blend. I am a fan.

The Smart Coffee App made it so easy for me to find the perfect coffee blend for me. If you are a smart phone app fan and a coffee fan, like me, the Smart Coffee App is the app for you. You will be sure to find the right roast, perfect flavor and best coffee that fits you. Happy coffee drinking my hello kitty foodies!

*Item in this post were provided via a complimentary voucher to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.


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