Hello UCLA FEAST @ Rieber!

My oh my how has dorm food changed! I have a lot of fond memories of Rieber Residential Hall at UCLA. I stayed in that dorm during one summer and their dining hall was my breakfast and dinner spot for a majority of my dorm life while I was at UCLA. I remember custom made omelets, fresh grapefruit and many other tasty treats. I thought it was pretty good back then but my oh my was I in for a surprise when I came to UCLA recently and dined at one their newest dining halls, FEAST at Rieber!


Formerly known as the Rieber Residential Restaurant, FEAST at Rieber opened up in Fall 2011. It has a complete pan-Asian menu with rotating menus from seven popular Asian cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Filipino and Hawaiian. The different cuisine is spread between six stations: Bruin Wok, Iron Grill, Spice Kitchen, Greens and More, Stone Oven and Sweets.

On the night I went, it was Korean and Thai night. I could not help but be a giddy Hello Kitty Foodie as I visited each of the stations.

From the Greens and More station. I tried two things.

First off was a bittermelon and pork soup. I will be the first to admit I am not a fan of bittermelon but FEAST may have just changed my mind! This soup was not bitter at all. It was a tiny bit spicy to the palette but definitely tasty and unique!

Also from the Greens and More, I had a vegetable slaw that consisted of lettuce, carrots and cabbage. Healthy and fresh, it was cool, crisp treat.


Next station for trying was the Iron Grill. Here they have grilled items and creative sides. From here I tried the Korean Spicy Chicken and Steamed Bun! I’m a big fan of steamed buns and was thrilled to see this creative side there! Creative indeed because it was my first to ever see spicy chicken served up in a steamed bun.


It was also at this station that I got the traditional favorite, fried wontons!

Third station was the Stone Oven! Here they have signature fusion flatbreads!
From this station, I tried a small, unique flatbread. It was a Korean Braised Brisket and Potato Flat Bread. I loved the braised brisket and matching potato!


Fourth station and favorite station was the Bruin Wok! This is where Bruins get to enjoy authentic Asian dishes traditionally served in bowls. Here I got the Korean Royal Tteokbokki Rice Cakes! Soft long rice cakes with tender Korean meat and veggies, this bowl was number one for me this night.


My fifth and last savory stop of the night was at the Spice Kitchen! Here is where the authentic entrees and combination plates from the featured cuisines can be found! This night they had savory pork chop and soft tofu entrees.



Last but definitely not the least was the Sweets section. Here I found a variety of authentic Asian inspired desserts. I had heard the pastry chef at UCLA recreates the desserts from many of his Asian travel.

This night there was Thai Pandan Chiffon that was so moist and so tasty. The taste of the Pandan was distinct at first bite.


Also being served that night was Korean Yakwa Honey Cake. This crispy cookie was simply delightful.

Lastly I tried a Blueberry Princess Bar that had an asian twist with the addition of coconut.


Along with all of my savory and sweet dishes, I had some refreshing Thai iced tea. Oh my that is Kitty’s favorite! Where was this drink when I was a UCLA student? 😉


All in all, eating at UCLA FEAST @ Rieber was an incredible experience! It’s nice that all of their dishes are small which allows folks to try a good variety. I love UCLA and always look forward to visiting! It’s like coming home for me because this place was home for four years. Eating at the dining halls brought back so many good memories of times living in the dorms, studying there and good times with friends. I was simply all smiles after my feast at UCLA FEAST.

For more smiles, please check out my  Yelp review on UCLA FEAST @ Rieber!!


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