Hello UCLA FEAST @ Rieber!

Hello UCLA FEAST @ Rieber!

My oh my how has dorm food changed! I have a lot of fond memories of Rieber Residential Hall at UCLA. I stayed in that dorm during one summer and their dining hall was my breakfast and dinner spot for a majority of my dorm life while I was at UCLA. I remember custom made omelets, fresh grapefruit and many other tasty treats. I thought it was pretty good back then but my oh my was I in for a surprise when I came to UCLA recently and dined at one their newest dining halls, FEAST at Rieber!


Formerly known as the Rieber Residential Restaurant, FEAST at Rieber opened up in Fall 2011. It has a complete pan-Asian menu with rotating menus from seven popular Asian cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Filipino and Hawaiian. The different cuisine is spread between six stations: Bruin Wok, Iron Grill, Spice Kitchen, Greens and More, Stone Oven and Sweets.

On the night I went, it was Korean and Thai night. I could not help but be a giddy Hello Kitty Foodie as I visited each of the stations.

From the Greens and More station. I tried two things.

First off was a bittermelon and pork soup. I will be the first to admit I am not a fan of bittermelon but FEAST may have just changed my mind! This soup was not bitter at all. It was a tiny bit spicy to the palette but definitely tasty and unique!

Also from the Greens and More, I had a vegetable slaw that consisted of lettuce, carrots and cabbage. Healthy and fresh, it was cool, crisp treat.


Next station for trying was the Iron Grill. Here they have grilled items and creative sides. From here I tried the Korean Spicy Chicken and Steamed Bun! I’m a big fan of steamed buns and was thrilled to see this creative side there! Creative indeed because it was my first to ever see spicy chicken served up in a steamed bun.


It was also at this station that I got the traditional favorite, fried wontons!

Third station was the Stone Oven! Here they have signature fusion flatbreads!
From this station, I tried a small, unique flatbread. It was a Korean Braised Brisket and Potato Flat Bread. I loved the braised brisket and matching potato!


Fourth station and favorite station was the Bruin Wok! This is where Bruins get to enjoy authentic Asian dishes traditionally served in bowls. Here I got the Korean Royal Tteokbokki Rice Cakes! Soft long rice cakes with tender Korean meat and veggies, this bowl was number one for me this night.


My fifth and last savory stop of the night was at the Spice Kitchen! Here is where the authentic entrees and combination plates from the featured cuisines can be found! This night they had savory pork chop and soft tofu entrees.



Last but definitely not the least was the Sweets section. Here I found a variety of authentic Asian inspired desserts. I had heard the pastry chef at UCLA recreates the desserts from many of his Asian travel.

This night there was Thai Pandan Chiffon that was so moist and so tasty. The taste of the Pandan was distinct at first bite.


Also being served that night was Korean Yakwa Honey Cake. This crispy cookie was simply delightful.

Lastly I tried a Blueberry Princess Bar that had an asian twist with the addition of coconut.


Along with all of my savory and sweet dishes, I had some refreshing Thai iced tea. Oh my that is Kitty’s favorite! Where was this drink when I was a UCLA student? πŸ˜‰


All in all, eating at UCLA FEAST @ Rieber was an incredible experience! It’s nice that all of their dishes are small which allows folks to try a good variety. I love UCLA and always look forward to visiting! It’s like coming home for me because this place was home for four years. Eating at the dining halls brought back so many good memories of times living in the dorms, studying there and good times with friends. I was simply all smiles after my feast at UCLA FEAST.

For more smiles, please check out my Β Yelp reviewΒ on UCLA FEAST @ Rieber!!

Hello UCLA foodie love!

Hello UCLA foodie love!

Hello Kitty Foodie loves UCLA!

So although last week’s game against ASU was tough and heartbreaking, I couldn’t let that deter from the happiness in preparing for today’s crosstown rivalry game. Although this game will be for pride only, it still will be a fun time with friends.

Hmm while preparing for today’s USC/UCLA football game and while looking for yummy treats for this year’s tailgating picnics, I found plenty of delectable delights that happily sport the blue and gold UCLA love!

These classic milk chocolate bars come in blue and gold! Hmm the gold bars beat Willy Wonka’s chocolate gold bar with a golden ticket any day πŸ˜‰ Maybe they’re the lucky ticket to win this years game.


Mini blue and gold chocolates make for a nice little treat while watching. I heart the Joe Bruin wrappers on them too! Hello Kitty loves Joe Bruin (sorry Dear Daniel haha πŸ˜‰ )


Chocolate pretzel sticks are the perfect mix of sweet and salty and easy to munch on.

Blue and gold Jelly beans are cute, colorful and simply delightful to share with friends.

Mixed nuts are the best treats for my nutty Bruin friends


Sweet toffee treats fits the occasion and the season!


Last but not least, sweet lollipops are fitting because every game is sweet ;)!

Hello Kitty Foodie hearts all the UCLA foodie delights! πŸ™‚



Hmm will the victory bell be beautifully blue this year or ravishing red? πŸ˜‰
(hopefully in a future blog post, hello kitty foodie will also get the chance to feature some terrific Trojan food! Hello Kitty Foodie loves both schools!)


Hello Diddy Riese!

Hello Diddy Riese!

It’s one of the very first places I learned about as freshman at UCLA. I learned about it from my roommate Vicky and I can still remember the very first night I visited this sweet little cookie shop with friends in the heart of Westwood. It was a cold night and the lines were filled with UCLA students. It didn’t take too long for me to realize what the hype was all about. It was all about 25 cent cookies (now 35 cents) and $1.75 ice cream sandwiches! Now whenever I visit the campus or am in Westwood, Diddy Riese is a must stop. Aside from the chance to get some of their yummy and very affordable cookies, going to Diddy Reese brings back so many memories for me of happy bonding times with Bruin friends


The moment I walk into Diddy Reese, I am always pleasantly greeted with the sweet aroma of fresh baked cookies. The display of colorful and sweet cookies is always brings a smile to my face and I react like a giddy UCLA freshman all over again ;). There are so many delicious flavors to pick from!


They have cinnamon sugar cookies sprinkled with golden cinnamon specks and sweet little sugar dots. They also have white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, which happen to be my favorite Diddy Riese cookie flavor of all.

Chocolate fans will always be happy here! They have both white chocolate chip and chocolate chip.

If one wants to deviate from the traditional chocolate chip cookies and live on the cookie edge a little, Diddy Riese has candy chocolate chip and chocolate chip with walnuts.

For those who want an even more sweetness in their life, there are chocolate white chocolate, chocolate chocolate chip and peanut butter.

All of these cookies are a great deal at 35 cents each! Surprisingly I saw they offer the cookies at even cheaper price if you get the day old cookies. You can get a dozen for $2.50! That is only 20 cents a cookie!

Diddy Riese cookies always bring a smile to my face and they’re sure to bring a smile to others as well. They offer special tins and boxes of cookies that make for great gifts. It’s perfect for this holiday season.


Diddy Reese makes Hello Kitty Foodie one happy Cookie Monster err meant Cookie Kitty ;).


Hello UCLA Ackerman Union Happy Eats!

Hello UCLA Ackerman Union Happy Eats!

My last blog post focused on a place that UCLA engineering students frequent for quick snacks and drinks :). Aside from SEAS cafe though, there’s also plenty of other good places for food and drink right at the heart of UCLA’s Ackerman union.

There are plenty of eateries located on both A and 1st level of Ackerman union. At level A, they have fast food places like Carl’s Jr., Jamba Juice & Taco Bell, healthy salad/wrap eateries at Curbside Cravings and sushi/noodle eats at Tsunami. Right upstairs on the 1st floor are the chain restaurants like Panda Express, Sbarro, Rubio’s and Wolfgang Puck. They also have Wetzel’s Pretzels, RX candy store and Reflection boba drinks.


Though food is great, it’s no secret that coffee seems to be a must for college students. Maybe my love of cute little coffee shops started at UCLA via the quaint and cute Kerchoff Coffee House!
Established in 1974, Kerchoff has been serving students coffee, teas and pastries for almost 40 years! (Trivia for you Kerchoff Coffee house is the same age as Hello Kitty!)

I love a good cup of coffee but am also a big fan of teas! Here at Kerchoff they offer various organic teas. They have green tea, black tea and pomegranate tea.

Aside from Kerchoff Coffee House, students can get their caffeine fix via the newer Bruin Buzz!

Bruin Buzz offers all kinda of warm beverages as well as yummy pastries like jelly roll cupcakes!

Coffee/tea and pastries along with a copy of the Daily Bruin make for a Bruin-tiful afternoon.


There’s plenty of choices for UCLA students and visitors on campus! Some places are old classics while some are newer venues. All in the heart of campus ❀️.

Hello 6th Annual Nachos and Networking UCLA Alumni Event!

Hello 6th Annual Nachos and Networking UCLA Alumni Event!

I recently attended a the 6th annual Nachos and Networking UCLA Alumni event. It was held at Rock and Brews in El Segundo and was the first ever UCLA Nachos and Networking event held in the South Bay.

When I first entered, I instantly felt the Blue and Gold Bruin spirit!

The victory bell was present! The vicotry bell is an annual trophy given either to USC or UCLA, depending on the winner of the annual UCLA-USC crosstown rivalry football game! The victory bell is then painted in the color of the winning team! It was nice to see the victory bell in Bruin blue!

The night started off with picture taking and mingling with the various alumni and students! It was fun to see UCLA Bruins, from the young to the old, ready to have night of fun!

Rock and Brews started the night off with serving us yummy appetizers of chicken wings, cheese bread, calamari and pretzels!

As we were enjoying the yummy food, all the alumni continued to mingle and get to know each other! There were also various speeches! We also found ourselves playing a fun UCLA bingo game.

More food was served in the form of various different pizzas and salads!
ucla food

We ended the night by doing the UCLA 8 clap that will be part of a new youtube video for the UCLA 8 Clap Heard Around the World! Watch out for that on youtube soon!

I had lot of fun partaking in the 6th annual Nachos and Networking UCLA Alumni event! I’m proud to be a UCLA Alumnus! Go Bruins!