Hello UCLA Ackerman Union Happy Eats!

My last blog post focused on a place that UCLA engineering students frequent for quick snacks and drinks :). Aside from SEAS cafe though, there’s also plenty of other good places for food and drink right at the heart of UCLA’s Ackerman union.

There are plenty of eateries located on both A and 1st level of Ackerman union. At level A, they have fast food places like Carl’s Jr., Jamba Juice & Taco Bell, healthy salad/wrap eateries at Curbside Cravings and sushi/noodle eats at Tsunami. Right upstairs on the 1st floor are the chain restaurants like Panda Express, Sbarro, Rubio’s and Wolfgang Puck. They also have Wetzel’s Pretzels, RX candy store and Reflection boba drinks.


Though food is great, it’s no secret that coffee seems to be a must for college students. Maybe my love of cute little coffee shops started at UCLA via the quaint and cute Kerchoff Coffee House!
Established in 1974, Kerchoff has been serving students coffee, teas and pastries for almost 40 years! (Trivia for you Kerchoff Coffee house is the same age as Hello Kitty!)

I love a good cup of coffee but am also a big fan of teas! Here at Kerchoff they offer various organic teas. They have green tea, black tea and pomegranate tea.

Aside from Kerchoff Coffee House, students can get their caffeine fix via the newer Bruin Buzz!

Bruin Buzz offers all kinda of warm beverages as well as yummy pastries like jelly roll cupcakes!

Coffee/tea and pastries along with a copy of the Daily Bruin make for a Bruin-tiful afternoon.


There’s plenty of choices for UCLA students and visitors on campus! Some places are old classics while some are newer venues. All in the heart of campus ❤️.


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