Hello UCLA SEAS Cafe!

It felt like I was seeing an old friend as I walked into UCLA’s Boelter Hall today.


Boelter Hall is the home to UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and a place that was almost like a second home during my days as a UCLA engineering student. Early mornings, hot afternoons and long cold nights, I was there. Classes, lab work, study sessions and engineering org meetings filled many of the times I spent in that building.



As I turned the corner, I saw the “old friend” that was with me through many of those days.
Right at room 5800E, I saw SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Science) Cafe. Seeing the little eatery brought back a flood of memories to my Bruin heart and I went in to say hello and see what they offered now.



With only a 10 minute break in between my engineering classes back then, I can still remember grabbing a bagel from SEAS cafe. They still have bagels but now have Kripsy Kreme, croissants and danishes too. It seems college students still crave carbs as I noticed the shelves almost empty when I stopped by today.



One cannot live on bread alone and long study sessions would have me screaming caffeine please. SEAS cafe was one of the most affordable places to buy coffee and apparently still is.



They even have a coffee happy hour now! Hmm why didn’t they have that when I was a student ;)?

Sometimes, I wouldn’t make it back in time for dorm dinners which would mean, I’d either have to buy something on campus or bring something early that I could heat it up. Apparently SEAs Cafe still has students in the same situation as I spotted instant noodles and microwaves .


No time for dinner at all, meant grabbing something quick like cliff bars and granola bars.


SEAS cafe then was simple and small and now it’s still simple but yet has a little more. What once was a small room with a couple snacks, is now a larger room with tables with a window view of the Court of Sciences. SEAs cafe has now grown up to be a fine little cafe. Aww…

Thanks for the memories SEAS cafe and for being a part of my UCLA journey! I’m so happy to see my “old friend” is still helping engineering students get through the days and nights.

For more smiles, please read my recent Yelp review on SEAS cafe.


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  1. Looks like this cafe is doing well. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Wish there was some sort of happy hour for coffee when I attended UCLA!

    1. Jenn says:

      Hi Ada! Yay I didn’t know you’re a fellow Bruin too 🙂

      1. Hehe I went there for grad school!

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