Hello Kansha Creamery!

Hello Kitty Foodie met Mr. Universal!

Who exactly is Mr. Universal?

Mr. Universal is not hard to love. He is cute, smooth, sweet, a little nutty but with lots of substance and full of love.  He’s quite popular and a favorite by many. He has so many fans and Hello Kitty Foodie was quite eager to meet him.  Today the day finally came. Hello Kitty Foodie finally met Mr. Universal!

Now everyone takes selfies with Mr. Universal afterall he’s so popular and well loved. That was the first thing Hello Kitty Foodie did was take a photo with the one and only Mr. Universal.  Now before Dear Daniel gets jealous haha, I should show you exactly who Mr. Universe is….Ok dear hello kitty foodies brace yourself because here is the pic and see for yourself the perfection of Mr. Universal!!

Mr. Universal is the most popular flavor at Kansha Creamery, a homemade ice cream shop in Gardena, California. It is vanilla ice cream with caramel and oatmeal cookies. It is the ice cream flavor that Kansha Creamery is most well known for.

Like I mentioned earlier, Mr. Universial is cute! The round, perfectly scooped ice cream is presented in a little cup with swirls of caramel popping out and  little chunks of oatmeal cookies sticking out.

My Universal is smooth. This ice cream is one of the smoothest ice creams I’ve ever had. It simply melted in my mouth. At Kansha Creamery they use organic ingredients wherever possible and the homemade freshness is distinct.

Mr Universal is sweet too but not overly sweet. This ice cream flavor is just right. It’s full of flavor with the hints of caramel and very tasty. This ice cream is a little nutty due to the crispy oatmeal cookies but the oatmeal cookies and caramal come  together to make a perfect pair that brings much substance to this ice cream.

Last but not least, one of the best things about Mr. Universal is it’s full of love!  50 cents of the proceeds from purchases of this ice cream goes to the The Children’s Hunger Fund! I love this! The concept of giving is so wonderful!

It’s no wonder Mr. Universal is so popular.  “He” makes Hello Kitty Foodie smile  😉

For more smiles. please see my recent Yelp review on Kansha Creamery.


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