Hello Veggie Grill Winter Menu!


Two and a half years ago I got invited to a special pre-grand opening of the Veggie Grill in Torrance by Veggie Grill co-founder Kevin Boylan. I have loved Veggie Grill ever since they first opened their doors. 8 Yelp reviews for the El Segundo location and 3 for the Torrance one, my love for this place is pretty evident.

Within the two and half years though, I’ve pretty much tried almost everything on the menu. My favorites are the Santa Fr Crispy’ Chickin and Thai chickin’ salad. I truly love the old menu but really was hoping for some new stuff! Therefore when it was announced they had some new offerings via a new Winter Menu, I was pretty excited. I was even more excited when I learned that via downloading the new Veggie grill app, one can get a treat for one free Winter Menu item. (After downloading the app, there is a button labeled “love” and from there is a voucher for a free meal!)

Veggie Grill’s new Winter Menu consist of over ten new items that include new sides and starters like mini wraps and Yukon gold fries, new bowls and plates like herb roasted vegetable bowls, quinoa salads and BBQ. These items are great in price, with the mini wraps starting at $3.50. Veggie Grill really worked to have items on this new menu that are more affordable to the everyday consumer.

The other day, I got to try some items from the Winter Menu and redeem my free meal via the app/love button ❤️).

There are two new bowls that are being offered. They have a Bombay Bowl and a Harvest Bowl. Both are filled with herb roasted vegetables. One of the big differences between the bowls lies in their sauces. The Bombay bowl has a cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk and the Harvest bowl has a miso gravy. I love curry and was quite intrigued to see how Veggie Grill would fulfill my curry love.

The moment the Bombay Bowl was presented, I instantly did feel some love for this new dish. A bowl with very appetizing looking plating was presented in front of me. It was filled with lots of herb roasted veggies, grains, steamed kale, cannellini beans. It was drizzled with cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk and topped with almonds and hemp seeds.


The love for this dish did not end however with it’s presentation because taste wise, it was equally as impressive. Crunchy cauliflower, savory kale, crispy almonds and a slightly spicy curry sauce instantly gratified my tastebuds. Aside from the cauliflower, I liked how there was a variety of different herb roasted veggies. There were some turnips, broccoli and mushrooms mixed in there! The cilantro green curry sauce was nice and thick. The touch of coconut milk added creamy texture. It definitely fulfilled my curry cravings. The Bombay Bowl is now added into my list of favorites at Veggie Grill.

The Harvest Bowl is the second new bowl on their menu. It had field roast sausage, herb roasted veggies, super grains, porcini mushroom and topped with miso gravy and hemp seeds. I liked the tender and tasty field roast sausage in this dish! It’s the first sausage offering I’ve tried from Veggie grill. I was also a fan of the soft porcini mushroom!


Aside from the bowls, I tried the new BBQ “Steak” sandwich. For my sandwich side, I chose another new offering, the Yukon gold fries.


The BBQ “Steak” sandwich was packed with Veggie Steak in tangy BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, chipotle ranch and coleslaw. The Veggie steak was soft and tender. The BBQ sauce added a sweet kick. The coleslaw and chipotle ranch added even more flavor.

The Gold Yukon fries matched the sandwich perfectly. They were thick skinned potatoes. It’s classic old fashioned steak fries. Dipping it into the chipotle ranch gave it a nice touch.

Aside from the Gold Yukon fries, I noticed they now also offer the onion rings as a side! I love how you can now add this to your meal. Their golden brown onion rings have a perfect crisp and a tasty buttery like batter. It will go well with any item on their menu.


It’s another visit to Veggie Grill in the books and I love this place even more. The new Winter menu items are amazing and equal the previous entrees in deliciousness. Thank you to Veggie Grill as well for the love they gave with a free entree via the app! Love!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rr says:

    Thanks for the heads up .. Time to go make a visit .. Everything sounds yummy!

    1. Jenn says:

      This weekend is the last weekend to get a free Winter Menu item via the Veggie Grill app 😉

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