Hello Teppan Tarou!

Hello Teppan Tarou!

Through the years; Pacific Square in Gardena, California has become a plaza that I have come to love. Not only did they once house my childhood favorite Sanrio store; Sanrio Gardena; they also have been home to several good restaurants and boba places through the years. Now another tasty place has opened up in that plaza. Teppan Tarou is now at the Tokyo Central and Main store at Pacific Square.

Teppan Tarou specializes in a variety of classic Japanese dishes. One can find yakisoba, kushiage okonomiyaki and curry dishes. Their food is cooked by experienced Japanese chefs on a  teppan or flat iron grill. 

I recently visited Teppan Tarou and was excited to try out their Japanese food. It was difficult for me to decide what to have but as a big fan of curry; I chose to get their Pork Katsu Curry Rice dish.

This Japanese dish was excellent. The Pork Katsu was perfectly crunchy and well accompanied with fresh, crisp asparagus. The main star was the curry. The curry sauce was nice and thick. Tastewise it had a nice spicy kick. I definitely felt the heat from the curry instantly but found that the spice was nicely offset with the sweetness of ginger that was also part of the dish. The curry is comparable to some of the best curry that I have had in Japan.

Teppan Tarou definitely knows their curry and I am so excited to try more of their authentic Japanese cuisine in the future.

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Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Torrance!

Hello Mo-Mo Paradise Torrance!

Paradise, as defined by Merriam-Webster is a place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight.

What if I were to tell you that paradise is now in Torrance, California? Perhaps this may sound strange to some but it is true that there is now paradise in Torrance via Mo-Mo-Paradise.


Mo-Mo-Paradise was first established in 1993 in Kabukicho, Japan and now has over 68 restaurants worldwide. They have locations in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the US. The newly opened Torrance location is the second location in the US, with the first being in the US.

The restaurant specializes in Japanese hotpot with a modern twist. Customers have the choice of picking between four different soup bases: Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Tonkatsu, and Kimchi.

  • Shabu Shabu which essentially means “Swish Swish” is a Mo-Mo-Paradise USA original soup base with umami from kombu, celery, onion, carrot, shitake, and other vegetables.
  • Sukiyaki is a sweet and savory soup base that is  be made using select ingredients from Japan. Mo-mo-Paradise’s sukiyaki base is imported directly from their central kitchen in Japan and is combined with a kombu broth. The sukiyaki comes with a pasturized egg that is used for a dipping sauce for the meat.
  • Tonkatsu is a soup base made with pork bone, roasted vegetables, and kombu and it is topped with Mo-Mo-Paradise’s original fried onion and garlic chili oil.
  • Kimchi is a mildly spicy soup made with pork, miso, vegetables, chili, and kombu broth topped with sautéed and fresh kimchi.

From the soup bases, customers can then add udon, ramen, pho noodles, meatballs and a variety of different vegetables from the restaurant’s Farmer’s Market. One of the funnest parts is watching the soup cook right at the table.


Not only are there unlimited noodles, meatballs and vegetables, there is even “Mo-re” to this restaurant via their unlimited beverages at their Drink Garden. One can get Stubborn Soda, Peach Orchard Jasmine Tea, Matcha Tea and  Milk Tea along with boba, red bean and , coffee jelly, lychee jelly.

Aside from the sweet beverages, restaurant go-ers are also can enjoy savory beef curry! This compliments the hot pot very well and one is sure to be in bliss for sure.


It is savory delights that brings this restaurant’s name to reality but the happiness doesn’t end with the hot pot. At the end of the meal, Mo-Mo-Paradise also offers unlimited ice cream. Diners can choose from black cherry, vanilla and chocolate malted crunch! From savory to sweet, one is sure to be in a state of felicity.


 I first started off this blog post with the definition of paradise. The newly opened Mo-Mo-Paradise with its savory hot pots along with it’s unlimited curry, vegetables, noodles and sweet ice cream; can easily be a state of bliss, felicity, or delight for many foodies. This Hello Kitty Foodie was truly delighted and full of smiles.

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Hello Gudetama x Curry House!

Hello Gudetama x Curry House!

I’m so egg-cited for the latest Sanrio’s latest restaurant mash-up! This time Sanrio will be partnering with Curry House to bring us a very special menu featuring our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama!


Curry House is well-known for their amazing Japanese curry and I’m so thrilled that the special Gudetama menu will showcase one of their well known curry dishes!  The Gudetamainspired menu will be a delicious special multi-course meal!


First up from the meal is a tasty salad and cup of corn soup.


The corn soup is one of my favorite items to get at Curry House. It’s has such a creamy texture and simply melts in your mouth. Sorry Gudetama you will soon be melting away…in my tummy! Hehe!

The main course for the special Gudetama menu is their keema curry with rice. The keema curry is topped with a special Gudetama egg.


Curry House’s curries are made with a special curry recipe that contains 25 various herbs and spices that are simmered with vegetables. Their keema curry is made from premium ground beef and mixed with vegetables. The sauce is so savory and wonderful with white rice. When the egg (sorry Gudetama) is mixed in with the curry sauce, it is so gude!

For dessert, there is a special custard pudding also featuring Gudetama.


The pudding is made from scratch and is so egg-ceptionally soft!

Along with the savory and sweet treats, the special menu also comes with your choice of drink.


Soda, iced tea, or iced green tea? Oh my gude-ness! I won’t be lazy with picking my drink!

The tasting menu will be available for $29. You not only get all the above delicious food but you also  get a limited edition Gudetama x Curry House beanie and a collectible placemat!


Each location will also feature Gudetama photo ops throughout the promotion.


The is egg-citing promo officially starts today October 20, 2017 and will run through January 20, 2018! All nine Curry House California locations will have this super cute and yummy Gudetama-inspired promotion. Gude-times and Gude-food for sure! 🍳


Hello Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

Hello Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

The Shin-Sen Gumi family has it done it again! Once again, I am so impressed with another one of their restaurants! After trying out (and becoming such a fan) of Shin-sen-gumi Shabu Shabu and Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi, I tried out a third Shin-Sen Gumi restaurant via Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

Now I love bbq/skewered food and so when I heard Shin-Sen Gumi had a Yakitori restaurant I had to check it out.

I was happy to see they not only had yakitori here but other special dishes like curry as well.

They start off the meals here with choice of two starters, a miso soup or salad.

The miso soup is served fresh and has a nice warm broth filled with lots of green onions.


The salad consists of refreshing greens with a yuzu citrus dressing.


For those who want to try a nice mix of their yakitori. I would definitely recommend the Shin-Sen Gumi combo plate from the Yakitori lunch menu. This comes with 2 skewers of bbq chicken, fried chicken and fish. The yakitori choices are 1 meatball and 1 thigh or all meatballs. I really enjoyed the yakitori! The main meat itself was moist, juicy, tender and full of flavor! The fried chicken was equal in deliciousness! It had nice crisp batter and was not salty.


As I mentioned earlier, this place is not all about yakitori because they offer special dishes as well. The day I went they had a baked curry rice dish that I just had to try. What sold me on this dish was the baked curry rice had eggplant, baked soboro and cheese with poached egg. Being a fan of curry, eggplant and egg, this dish was a must try! I was not disappointed at all. The entree came out piping hot with a flavorful curry rice that had egg and cheese oozing out. The eggplant was spread throughout and brought even more texture to the already amazing dish. It’s like a Japanese casserole!


Overall I really enjoyed my meal at Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori. I want to say this restaurant is my favorite out of all the Shin-Sen Gumi places but the other Shin-Sen Gumis are great as well, that it is hard for me to choose a favorite. They all make me smile. 😉

Hello Tantalice Thai and American Diner!

Hello Tantalice Thai and American Diner!

Hockey and Thai food, two of my favorites. Who would’ve thought that I’d find two of my favorites when I recently dined at Tantalice Thai and American Diner.


Tantalice is not your typical Thai restaurant. The moment one walks in, customers will notice a giant backdrop showcasing hockey players. This can easily be explained by where exactly Tantalice is located. It is adjacent to an ice skating rink. Formerly a sport bar, it became a Thai restaurant. Diners have a great view of the skating rink because there’s a large open window next to the restaurant tables and via that window people can watch the figure skaters skate or sometimes if lucky, a hockey game! I came here with a friend on a Friday and got a great table with an excellent of the view of the skating rink! Yay for this little hello kitty hockey fan. 😉

When my friend and I came here, it was also lunch time and so we were able to try out Tantalice’s lunch specials. Lunch specials here are served with green salad and jasmine rice. The green salad comes with a tasty and sweet house made dressing.

My friend chose to order the “Ginger Lover” dish with chicken. It comes with sautéed chicken with fresh cut ginger, celery, carrots, mushrrooms, bell peppers and onions. I tried a little bit of this dish and the ginger love was evident from the start. There’s plenty of ginger in this dish, bringing lots of flavor to the variety of vegetables and chicken. It was a tad bit spicy.


For my dish, I chose to get the pumpkin curry. It’s my first time to ever see a pumpkin curry dish in a Thai restuarant. This place had classic red curry, yellow curry, green curry and panang curry but it was the pumpkin curry that caught my eye. I’m a big pumpkin fan and was curious to see how this dish was. My entree came with chicken in red coconut milk curry with basil, bell peppers and pumpkin. This was a very creamy and saucy dish, thus making it perfect when topped over the jasmine rice. There was plenty of pumpkin pieces mixed into the curry, making it a good dish for pumpkin fans like me. Classic curry taste but with a twist because of the pumpkins!


Aside from the lunch specials, my friend and I also got an order of pad thai. It was a good portion of stir-fried noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts! Pad thai is always the one dish that I like to try at all the Thai restaurants I go to.


Dining at Tantalice Thai and American Diner was a unique experience in many ways. I enjoyed watching some good skating while some pretty tasty, distinct, full of flavor cuisine!

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Hello Veggie Grill Winter Menu!

Hello Veggie Grill Winter Menu!


Two and a half years ago I got invited to a special pre-grand opening of the Veggie Grill in Torrance by Veggie Grill co-founder Kevin Boylan. I have loved Veggie Grill ever since they first opened their doors. 8 Yelp reviews for the El Segundo location and 3 for the Torrance one, my love for this place is pretty evident.

Within the two and half years though, I’ve pretty much tried almost everything on the menu. My favorites are the Santa Fr Crispy’ Chickin and Thai chickin’ salad. I truly love the old menu but really was hoping for some new stuff! Therefore when it was announced they had some new offerings via a new Winter Menu, I was pretty excited. I was even more excited when I learned that via downloading the new Veggie grill app, one can get a treat for one free Winter Menu item. (After downloading the app, there is a button labeled “love” and from there is a voucher for a free meal!)

Veggie Grill’s new Winter Menu consist of over ten new items that include new sides and starters like mini wraps and Yukon gold fries, new bowls and plates like herb roasted vegetable bowls, quinoa salads and BBQ. These items are great in price, with the mini wraps starting at $3.50. Veggie Grill really worked to have items on this new menu that are more affordable to the everyday consumer.

The other day, I got to try some items from the Winter Menu and redeem my free meal via the app/love button ❤️).

There are two new bowls that are being offered. They have a Bombay Bowl and a Harvest Bowl. Both are filled with herb roasted vegetables. One of the big differences between the bowls lies in their sauces. The Bombay bowl has a cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk and the Harvest bowl has a miso gravy. I love curry and was quite intrigued to see how Veggie Grill would fulfill my curry love.

The moment the Bombay Bowl was presented, I instantly did feel some love for this new dish. A bowl with very appetizing looking plating was presented in front of me. It was filled with lots of herb roasted veggies, grains, steamed kale, cannellini beans. It was drizzled with cilantro/green curry sauce with coconut milk and topped with almonds and hemp seeds.


The love for this dish did not end however with it’s presentation because taste wise, it was equally as impressive. Crunchy cauliflower, savory kale, crispy almonds and a slightly spicy curry sauce instantly gratified my tastebuds. Aside from the cauliflower, I liked how there was a variety of different herb roasted veggies. There were some turnips, broccoli and mushrooms mixed in there! The cilantro green curry sauce was nice and thick. The touch of coconut milk added creamy texture. It definitely fulfilled my curry cravings. The Bombay Bowl is now added into my list of favorites at Veggie Grill.

The Harvest Bowl is the second new bowl on their menu. It had field roast sausage, herb roasted veggies, super grains, porcini mushroom and topped with miso gravy and hemp seeds. I liked the tender and tasty field roast sausage in this dish! It’s the first sausage offering I’ve tried from Veggie grill. I was also a fan of the soft porcini mushroom!


Aside from the bowls, I tried the new BBQ “Steak” sandwich. For my sandwich side, I chose another new offering, the Yukon gold fries.


The BBQ “Steak” sandwich was packed with Veggie Steak in tangy BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, chipotle ranch and coleslaw. The Veggie steak was soft and tender. The BBQ sauce added a sweet kick. The coleslaw and chipotle ranch added even more flavor.

The Gold Yukon fries matched the sandwich perfectly. They were thick skinned potatoes. It’s classic old fashioned steak fries. Dipping it into the chipotle ranch gave it a nice touch.

Aside from the Gold Yukon fries, I noticed they now also offer the onion rings as a side! I love how you can now add this to your meal. Their golden brown onion rings have a perfect crisp and a tasty buttery like batter. It will go well with any item on their menu.


It’s another visit to Veggie Grill in the books and I love this place even more. The new Winter menu items are amazing and equal the previous entrees in deliciousness. Thank you to Veggie Grill as well for the love they gave with a free entree via the app! Love!

Hello Thai Food to Go!

Hello Thai Food to Go!

Sometimes it’s the smallest places that offer the best deals! Who would’ve thought this little hole in the wall would become my new favorite go to place for fresh Thai Food.

Thai Food to Go is a small restaurant located in Torrance. It is run by a sweet Thai and Filipino couple who are always friendly and often make my day when they throw in a free Thai iced tea with my order.

They offer tasty and affordable lunch and dinner specials here.
Lunch specials are $5.50 and come with Thai salad, egg roll, fried rice and your choice of an entree.

I am fond of the curry chicken lunch special. I love putting the curry sauce on top of the fried rice.


Their dinner combos are $8.00.


The dinner special comes with chicken soup. This chicken soup is very similar to Thai Tom Yum soup. It is hot and sour and filled with mushrooms and tender chicken. It is perfect for chilly nights.


Aside from the soup, the dinner specials come with chicken satay and fried rice. I simply love dipping the chicken satay in the accompanying peanut sauce. The fried rice is nice and simple and perfect for any entree.


Pepper garlic chicken is one of my favorites. The chicken has a distinct flavor of pepper garlic. I also am a fan that they grill the chicken, thus making it healthier.


Actually I am quite fond of all their chicken dishes because aside from grilling the chicken, they put in lots of vegetables. The mint leaves chicken is one of my favorite chicken and vegetable dishes. It’s filled with ground chili, soy sauce and lots of mint leaves.


The chicken chop suey is my other favorite chicken and vegetable dish here. It’s a nice dish of stir fried mixed vegetables. There are carrots, green peas and broccoli.


As I mentioned earlier, the kind folks here often throw in a tasty treat via free thai tea that is perfectly refreshing and sweet!


With or without the free Thai tea, this place is a sweet place filled with delicious Thai food at good prices.

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