Happy 7th birthday Susiecakes!

Happy 7th birthday Susiecakes!

Today my favorite cupcake bakery, Susiecakes celebrated their seven years with buy one, get one cupcakes!


In honor of their 7th birthday I am counting down 7 of my top favorite memories/Susiecakes moments! 10 yelp reviews and 60 yelp photos later, I narrowed it down to 7 moments that were simply special 😉

Special moment 1.) My very first Susiecakes cupcake is one I will never forget! It was love at first bite! The red velvet base was so moist and the cream on top was so sweet!


Special moment 2.) I got to try their special royal wedding cupcake when Kate and Prince William got married. It was a fairytale cupcake dream come true ;).


Special moment 3.) I watched the Olympics with their sweet special chocolate cupcake! If there was a gold medal for cupcakes, this would get it!


Special moment 4.) Being a part of their various birthday parties like their 5th birthday beach retro party was spectacular and special!


Special moment 5.) Starting the summer with their ice cream sandwiches was the best way to celebrate the summer solstice!


Special moment 6.) One of my favorite moments was on instagram! I was so honored and happy to be the first person Susiecakes followed on Instagram!


Special moment 7.) When it was my birthday, one of the best and sweetest moments was when my friend got me a lovely red velvet red velvet cake! Pink birthday writing and red velvet base, it truly was a perfect birthday cake for me!


Those are my top seven special moments with Susiecakes!
Hello Kitty Foodie wishes Susiecakes a very happy 7th birthday!
I am looking forward to many more years of special memories with my favorite bakery!

For more of my memorable moments I have had with Susiecakes, please see my yelp reviews on Susiecakes as well as my latest article on South Bay Foodies.


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