Hello Torrance Bakery!

Torrance Bakery, how much do I love thee? As I sit here, sipping my Seattle’s Best Coffee enjoying my Friday at your bakery, let me count the ways! 😉


Caramel maple donut: sweet chocolate topped donut with caramel filling, this donut spells love for chocolate and caramel lovers of the world!

caramel maple

Blueberry donut: blueberry cake base and glaze topping, this donut makes be berry, berry happy!

blueberry donut

Fruit loops donut: colorful pastel donuts on top of a white glazed donut, this donut is cute and color-icious!

fruit loops

Cronut: the popular croissant and donut hybrid simply makes me crazy with its flaky goodness!



Blueberry muffin: true blueberry bliss in the form of a muffin!


Angel cookies: white coated cookies with nuts, this is cookie heaven indeed

angel cookies

Hello Kitty cookies: my oh my, a bakery with cute hello kitty cookies, ahh this spot is now a new favorite for Hello Kitty foodie!

hello kitty cookies

hello kitty cookie close up

All of the above and more are reasons why I love Torrance Bakery.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Torrance Bakery as well as my latest article on South Bay Foodies.


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