Happy Bastille Day @ Mimi’s Cafe

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of the French National Holiday day Bastille Day, Mimi’s Cafe had a special celebration where many of their delicious foods were offered at 1978 prices!

Some of the goodies offered at their 1978 prices were their pain perdu, eggs Benedict, French onion soup, French dip and their muffins!.

The French onion soup is a favorite of mine! It’s a yummy classic that I’ve had at various celebrations like birthdays and so I had to make sure to get one of these to celebrate Bastille Day! The soup was served nice and warm. The delicious broth had cheese overflowing and plenty of onion and soft bread inside!

Matching well with the French onion soup was the complimentary bread that they give. They give mini French bread and soft carrot raisin slices! It is served fresh from the bakery!

For our main courses, we each got the French dip. You have your choice of several sides. It comes with kettle chips, with French fries or with cole slaw.

The French fries are nice, thick and crispy! They give a pretty good serving too!


The cole slaw is also a nice side dish because it is so creamy! The main slaw itself is crispy and a good contrast to the thick dressing! No matter what side you get though, the French dip sandwich is the main star! The hearty, meaty inside and the crispy bread outside make for one heck of a meal! I could barely get through a quarter of the sandwich and now I have lunch and dinner for the next day ;).

I also had to get some muffins to go! It’s hard to pass up 49 cents muffins! Buttermilk spice or carrot raisin nut?

Apple streusel or Blueberry? Ahh too many decisions! Why not one of each ;)!

It was a Bon appetit Bastille Day at Mimi’s for sure today 🙂



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