Happy 86th birthday 7-Eleven!

Happy 86th birthday 7-Eleven! Today 7-Eleven celebrated their 86th year of being a convenience store offering quick goodies and treats! They were offering 50 cent hot dogs and the ever famous free slurpees!

Each per person was allowed one cup of the frozen delight!


There were a variety of choices ranging from blue raspberry to mango!

I chose the strawberry lemonshade! I’m all for fruity, pink drinks! Refreshing and sweet simply was calling my name ;).
Aside from getting a free slurpee, I found out some interesting trivia today! The slurpee is indeed a special way to celebrate their birthday because 86 years ago the very first 7-eleven was attached to an ice house! How cool (cool in both the literal and figurative sense ;)! It does seem appropriate that an icey drink would be a way to celebrate! Here’s to more 7-11 days for 7-eleven!


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