Hello Suki Time Thai Kitchen!

Hello Suki Time Thai Kitchen!

When I first spotted the newly opened Suki Time Thai Kitchen, my curiosity was quite peeked. I am a big fan of Thai food and am always on the look out for good Thai places.


I was further intrigued upon hearing that not only did their menu have traditional Thai dishes like Satay and Panang but it also had Thai hot pots!


With Thai food and hot pot offerings, it did not take long for me to check this place out!

It was a cloudy day the day I went so hot pot seemed perfect. The hot pot here comes in two ways. The first was is as a food set for solo eaters. The second way is family style for groups. Although I came with a friend, we chose to get a food set so that we could try another Thai dish with our meal. The food set comes with a bowl of vegetable, choice of rice (white or brown), regular soup and choice of meat platter (USDA Prime beef, USDA choice beef, pork, white chicken breast and vegetable).

For the food set, I chose to get the regular soup which is a mixed vegetable soup and white chicken breast. The waiters brought out the broth and meat along with a bowl filled with mixed seasonal vegetables for us to cook at our table. This is one of my favorite things about hot pot! I love being able to see the cooking of the pot right in front of me.


To accompany the hot pot, Suki Time Thai Kitchen has different sauces for the dipping of the meat. The sauces were all at the Sauce bar. They had different sauces like Thai peanut sauce, chili sauce and even a crying tiger sauce.


They also had offerings of cilantro, red onion, green onion and garlic to add to the soup and to enhance the flavor even more.


My favorite of all the sauces and garnishes was the peanut sauce. It’s a little sweet and adds a different kind of flavor to the soup.


The mixed vegetable soup, white chicken breast, various veggies, garnishes and sauces all came together to make a hearty hot pot.


Alongside with the hot pot, I got to try their Pad Thai. It’s stir fried noodles with chicken, their special Suki Time sauce, peanuts and sprouts. The noodles were very long and soft and the chicken very lean.


Last but not least I got a complimentary Thai Milk Tea. It was refreshingly sweet drink and perfect accompanying drink for the meal.


I loved how this place gives a taste of Thailand through both traditional dishes like Pad Thai and drinks like Thai Milk tea and through not so traditional dishes like Thai Hot Pot. The hot pot is something different. It has the same good Thai flavor but not through a dish that is typically seen at Thai restaurants. I like how you even have the choice of making the hot pot with Thai broths of Tom Yum and Pok Tok too.

Suki Time Thai Kitchen’s offerings of Thai Hot Pot and traditional Thai dishes made me smile.

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Hello Thai Thani!

Hello Thai Thani!

Here it goes…I’m about to reveal one of my favorite restaurants ever. Drum roll please…Thai Thani in Redondo Beach.

I have loved this restaurant ever since I was a little girl. From lunches with my parents to dinner celebrations, this Thai restaurant has always had a special place in my heart and remains to be my favorite place for Thai food.

Lunch is my favorite time to go here because their lunch specials come with either salad or soup. I love their salad because it comes with their own housemade dressing. The salad dressing is oh so creamy. I often have a hard time choosing between salad or soup because their soup is delightful is so well. The soup that they offer is a wonderfully light and comforting soup filled with wontons and bok choy. The wontons are filled with ground chicken.

There are two particular dishes that I always love getting here. My first favorite dish is their Stuffed Chicken Wing. It is a boneless chicken wing that is stuffed with pork, chicken, onions and glass noodles. It comes with two dipping sauces, a sweet and sour sauce and a cucumber sauce. The cucumber sauce is a like a little mini salad because it has mixture of onions and peanuts. I simply love the fried chicken wing because it is perfectly crispy. The stuffing inside is so fulfilling. The chicken is perfectly paired with fried rice.


My other favorite dish at Thai Thani is their Pad Thai. I’ve tried many Thai restaurants but Thai Thani for me has the best Pad Thai. The flavor of the Pad Thai here cannot be beat. The noodle dish has soft noodles and is topped with a great mixture of shrimp, baked tofu, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts. Wonderful flavor and texture, these noodles are always a must for me when I come here.


I love this place as you can see via this blog post and via my previous Yelp reviews and hope to have many more smiley lunches and dinners here in the future.

Hello Tantalice Thai and American Diner!

Hello Tantalice Thai and American Diner!

Hockey and Thai food, two of my favorites. Who would’ve thought that I’d find two of my favorites when I recently dined at Tantalice Thai and American Diner.


Tantalice is not your typical Thai restaurant. The moment one walks in, customers will notice a giant backdrop showcasing hockey players. This can easily be explained by where exactly Tantalice is located. It is adjacent to an ice skating rink. Formerly a sport bar, it became a Thai restaurant. Diners have a great view of the skating rink because there’s a large open window next to the restaurant tables and via that window people can watch the figure skaters skate or sometimes if lucky, a hockey game! I came here with a friend on a Friday and got a great table with an excellent of the view of the skating rink! Yay for this little hello kitty hockey fan. 😉

When my friend and I came here, it was also lunch time and so we were able to try out Tantalice’s lunch specials. Lunch specials here are served with green salad and jasmine rice. The green salad comes with a tasty and sweet house made dressing.

My friend chose to order the “Ginger Lover” dish with chicken. It comes with sautéed chicken with fresh cut ginger, celery, carrots, mushrrooms, bell peppers and onions. I tried a little bit of this dish and the ginger love was evident from the start. There’s plenty of ginger in this dish, bringing lots of flavor to the variety of vegetables and chicken. It was a tad bit spicy.


For my dish, I chose to get the pumpkin curry. It’s my first time to ever see a pumpkin curry dish in a Thai restuarant. This place had classic red curry, yellow curry, green curry and panang curry but it was the pumpkin curry that caught my eye. I’m a big pumpkin fan and was curious to see how this dish was. My entree came with chicken in red coconut milk curry with basil, bell peppers and pumpkin. This was a very creamy and saucy dish, thus making it perfect when topped over the jasmine rice. There was plenty of pumpkin pieces mixed into the curry, making it a good dish for pumpkin fans like me. Classic curry taste but with a twist because of the pumpkins!


Aside from the lunch specials, my friend and I also got an order of pad thai. It was a good portion of stir-fried noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts! Pad thai is always the one dish that I like to try at all the Thai restaurants I go to.


Dining at Tantalice Thai and American Diner was a unique experience in many ways. I enjoyed watching some good skating while some pretty tasty, distinct, full of flavor cuisine!

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Hello Shrimp Lover!

Hello Shrimp Lover!

Life is good!

I’ve always been a fan of the beach. I love the sound of the waves crashing, the fresh air and the overall calm feeling of being at the beach. Redondo Beach Pier is one of my favorite places to go to. Aside from the beautiful view, there are also plenty of delicious places to dine. It seems every time I go to Redondo Beach pier, I discover new eateries. One of these places, I recently got to go to is The Shrimp Lover. The Shrimp Lover is a restaurant specializing in Cajun/Creole and Thai Food.


Walking into this restaurant, I became an instant fan. It’s very cute with lots of beach themed decorations such as a treasure chest up at the front of the restaurant and a fish net on the ceiling.
The tables are laid out right next to the large windows facing the beach. I love the tableside view of the pier!


Their menu is very cute as well. I love how they named their menu sections (“Deep to the Sea” for their boiled seafood. “On the Beach” for their fried seafood. “Sea side” for their side orders. “Get Special Delight” for their Thai food specialties. “Drive to the Ocean” for their soup. “Cool Down” for their drinks.) My friend and I ordered a couple of things from some of the sections.

From the “Drive to the Ocean,” my friend got their newest soup offering, clam chowder. A very hearty looking bowl of thick clam chowder was presented to my friend. It was accompanied with some crispy crackers.


Since I am not a seafood eater, I was thrilled that this restaurant offered Thai food! I love Thai food and was super happy to see some of my favorite Thai dishes were being offered here. We ordered pad thai with chicken and was impressed with the plate full of fresh, long, soft stir fried rice noodles, tender chicken and crispy peanuts.


I also got to try the BBQ chicken with a side salad and fried rice. I was such a fan of this plate because everything was so flavorful. The side salad had a nice, sweet Thai dressing. The BBQ chicken was seasoned perfectly. The fried rice had a good java flavor. Aside from how tasty this plate was, it was also impressive how large the portions were. The chicken was half a chicken and enough for two meals!


As we were dining here, I could not help see another of their beach themed decorations. It was a lifesaver with the words “Life is good.” It seemed perfect for this dining moment because I truly felt how life indeed is good. Dining good eats with a table side view of the blue ocean, the crashing waves and the sun shining. Life is good, indeed.


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Hello Thai Food to Go!

Hello Thai Food to Go!

Sometimes it’s the smallest places that offer the best deals! Who would’ve thought this little hole in the wall would become my new favorite go to place for fresh Thai Food.

Thai Food to Go is a small restaurant located in Torrance. It is run by a sweet Thai and Filipino couple who are always friendly and often make my day when they throw in a free Thai iced tea with my order.

They offer tasty and affordable lunch and dinner specials here.
Lunch specials are $5.50 and come with Thai salad, egg roll, fried rice and your choice of an entree.

I am fond of the curry chicken lunch special. I love putting the curry sauce on top of the fried rice.


Their dinner combos are $8.00.


The dinner special comes with chicken soup. This chicken soup is very similar to Thai Tom Yum soup. It is hot and sour and filled with mushrooms and tender chicken. It is perfect for chilly nights.


Aside from the soup, the dinner specials come with chicken satay and fried rice. I simply love dipping the chicken satay in the accompanying peanut sauce. The fried rice is nice and simple and perfect for any entree.


Pepper garlic chicken is one of my favorites. The chicken has a distinct flavor of pepper garlic. I also am a fan that they grill the chicken, thus making it healthier.


Actually I am quite fond of all their chicken dishes because aside from grilling the chicken, they put in lots of vegetables. The mint leaves chicken is one of my favorite chicken and vegetable dishes. It’s filled with ground chili, soy sauce and lots of mint leaves.


The chicken chop suey is my other favorite chicken and vegetable dish here. It’s a nice dish of stir fried mixed vegetables. There are carrots, green peas and broccoli.


As I mentioned earlier, the kind folks here often throw in a tasty treat via free thai tea that is perfectly refreshing and sweet!


With or without the free Thai tea, this place is a sweet place filled with delicious Thai food at good prices.

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